Is voting right now a Treasonable offence?

There has always been a feeling of doubt amoungst the public as to whether or not voting will make any difference. It is often thought that casting your vote in this day and age won’t make any difiference at all, and that it would at least be legal. 

Yes, thats right. It’s not legal. in fact, it is a criminal offence and can be proven. The Crown has been usurped for generations and HAS BEEN DEPOSED of any and ALL authority since 2001. Not to mention, has waged illegal wars after:

Q) Why is voting Illegal?

 A) Article 61 came back into effect on the 23rd of March 2001 deposing the whole Government. When you have voted, you have literally aided and abetted Treason, as well as war crimes.

Q) Why did Article 61 come back into force?

A) Very serious crimes (which you can find out about by clicking here)

Q) When was Article 61 last used?

A) 1688 during the start of the Glorious Revolution whereby the people were victorios.

Q) So the “Government” aren’t actually the real Government?

A) Exactly. Not only do they do not have the status as a Government anymore, they also have been acting in ultra vires since 1911, and continue to conceal this.

By voting for any MP, any Political Party, any proposal that comes from this ‘Government’ and/or otherwise in any Referendum, you’re consenting to their tyrannical rule without question. 

Change cannot come from criminality. It’s time for the people to rightfully take it back lawfully by Command (Article 61). 

ALL elections since at least the 1970’s have been rigged. We have had corporate representatives in positions of power for far too long! They (collectively) have committed acts of sedition, treason, war crimes, false flag terrorism, murder/genocide, paedophilia, fraud, kidnapping etc, to name but a few of the more serious crimes that have been allowed to continue by the present system. 

They control the mainstream media entirely, and they know how to use ‘double think’ and concept control to gradually mislead the people into accepting extreme changes to their environment. 

It’s called ‘boiling the frog’…apparently a frog won’t notice the water getting hotter if it sits in a pan of cold water whilst it slowly comes to the boil…..time to jump out of the proverbial pot folks!

On 23rd March 2001, a fundamental aspect of our Constitutional law was triggered, yet the majority of the British people do not know about it, even today, almost sixteen years later. It has been kept in the dark by the impostors who claim governmental status and who have ultimately seeked to destroy what protects you; constitutional law.

Article 61 was invoked in response to very serious corruption at the highest levels of authority in this country, a group of highly honourable peers from the House of Lords were forced to use our most fundamental rights granted under the 1215 Magna Carta to urge the Queen to redress several infringements of our Constitutional Law by members of parliament.

Her majesty “Queen” Elizabeth the second had “40 days” under provisions of British Constitutional law, including the Coronation Oath and Contractual duties which came as a Monarch to serve her obedient subjects in accordance to the respected laws and customs of the people by correcting the transgression “without delay”.

Under the Magna Carta’s provisions, she had to provide redress but didn’t, which then lead to the invocation. Fortunately also being reported by the Telegraph on the after the invocation.

Article 61 calls for everone in the country to rise up and take control. We recomend you express your disagreement. Don’t let the treason continue. 

Click HERE to learn why ‘Brexit’ was just a SCAM!

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