The Real Manchester Bombers on Camera!!

Show notes


American intel.

Alleged bomber’s fathers 

Manchester Attack as MI6 Blowback?

New York Times informed by 2 deep state sources.

Source of ISIS connection Rita Katz

UK & US Funding, arming and training ISIS from the start.

ISIS Was “Allegedly” Behind the London Bridge Attacks, Who Is Behind ISIS?

Fake protests

Trumps admits he’s wrong!

Draconian UK cyberspace control

In UK, Investigatory Powers Act forces collection of “internet connection records” which allows government to see one year of your internet history

Unworkable, Illegal, and dangerous

Theresa May wants to ban crypto: here’s what that would cost, and here’s why it won’t work anyway

UK government confirms plans to destroy the British software industry

And your government openly advocates these policies!!!

Orwellian control


Data gathering by UK and Putin is watching us too!!

KNOWN wolves.

CLOCKWORK: Two London Bridge Attackers Named – One Known to MI5, Another Attacker Found Dead with ID

My first ever attempt at Alt media.

Big thanks to Connor and CorbettReport.

Rebel Dan.

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