Birmingham man in remission for cancer bullied and made homeless by the local police.

David Robotham is a 59 year old gentleman from Birmingham who, as well as being ill with cancer, is standing up for British Constitutional Law.

David was growing a mere 6 hemp plants which he had been nurturing for personal use for treating his illness when his property was raided by the local Police causing over £2000 of damages to his family home:

“They searched my property and found 6 hemp plants that I was nurturing for my personal use as I suffer from cancer.

David was arrested and imprisoned for 18 months for growing these hemp plants for his own use. He was not supplying it to anyone else. Since David was released from prison he has been hounded by the Birmingham Magistrates (non) court for ‘proceeds of crime’, where they are demanding almost 20 thousand pounds.

“They put me in prison for 18 months and started a POCA against me as I have a mortgage. They wanted ALL the equity I own and fined me £18, 976 which as a 59 year old man with ill health I can’t find or borrow. If I don’t pay by 28 Sept 2017 they will put me back in prison for 9 months with no early release and impose interest on the fine at 8% daily until it is paid forcing me to put my home up for sale, the relationship stress [is also] resulting in divorce proceedings.”

David Robotham has also told us that they won’t allow him to sell his property and that his home has been seized.

“They have made my separated partner liable at a hearing held behind closed doors so now they want her equity as well, resulting in making us both homeless and bankrupt and they still want to put me in jail.”

A grassroots lobby group have made several efforts to put those responsible to the facts that this action taken against David was actually illegal. David has been an active advocate for defending inherent British freedoms and the restoration of the peoples ancient laws and customs.

The Campaign he is a member of took recent action by meeting with Seargent Rafiq Khan, of Digbeth Police, on the 28th of November last year in order to report these findings of injustice. The Seargent took interest at the time however over some following correspondence it was claimed by the Seargent that he had a problem “understanding what the actual complaint or issue is.” and that he wouldn’t discuss anything further.

Since then, the movement has declared no confidence in the current policing. An afidavit with over one hundred concerned signatory witnesses, which was sanctioned onto the Police, was also ignored.


David has since been forced to sell his home to pay the Council and has been made homeless. This goes to show that there is absolutely NO justice for the people today. An old, ill and distressed gentleman has just been put on the street for trying to help treat his cancer.

A petition has also been launched in support of David. Click HERE to sign!

Another Update:

The Petition has since been removed from 38 degrees against our wishes. Justice is nowhere.

R v Love (1653) 5 State Tr 825 states that:

Whatsoever is not consonant to the law of God, or to right reason which is maintained by scripture,….be it Acts of Parliament, customs, or any judicial acts of the Court, it is not the law of England.

The Bible, which if the so called police done the sufficient research and noticed that this ancient kingdom’s laws and customs are based on it, supports the use of all the various seeds and herbs because they were created and blessed by God and could not be wrong to use. Consequently, the plant called hemp is proper for Christians to use for food, medicine, and enjoyment (Gen. 1:12). In Genesis 1:29–31, the Bible further indicates that all herbs are given for food. Much is made about the statement, found in the KJV, which supposedly speaks of hemp being the plant spoken of in Ezekiel 34:29, called a “plant of renown,” which would heal (Rev. 22:1–2).

We would also argue that the legislation which purported to criminalize cannabis is actually repugnant due to the 1911 power-grab by the House of Commons.

If you want to help demand justice, please write to his MP, Roger Godsiff (details below).

62 Horse Shoes Ln,
Birmingham B26 3HY,
Phone Number: 0121 603 2299



  1. I am so angry! First, Melanie Shaw locked away by May. Then DC Wedger, hounded by his MET thro’ being a whistleblower against Child Abuse at giver’s levels. Then Eugene, jailed and lost his son because of his own father being a holocaust survivor!! I will write again to my so-called MP. How can we help this man? Can I recommend you also visit UK Column, an alternative to mainstream media.

  2. How is this possible. Durham Constabulary no longer prosecute for small amount of Cannabis grown for own use – this was advocated in 2015. It makes no sense.

  3. Hi. My parents are going through the same poca process. Its been going on for nealy 3 years. My dad is a pensioner and was using a class b drug known as speed to help speed his heart up as he’s got bradicardia atrial fibrillation with a very irregular heart beat. £20 worth of drugs and the CPS and police are trying to take £190,000 from my dad under proceeds of crime. We have all the medical evidence of his heart problem but the CPS, police and courts have ignored all the evidence of police corruption. Can anyone help us out with info and advice please

    • Judicial Review is probably, the most appropriate way of closing down the Courts, CPS and police in this matter. You have three (3) months from the court hearing in which to apply. However, check whether a High Court injunction on HMCTS, CPS and the police is more appropriate or effective.

  4. i would like to copy this article onto my steemit account and give the proceeds to David this would take about 2 weeks but it COULD raise a few hundred quid… Let me know if this is OK to do and I will post article asap.

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