Silicone Valley of Death

There are moments in history that have been very well documented and usually for very good reason. These Historical judgements tend to be edited as time goes on and as we know, history is written by the “winners” So we should always approach any fact, historical or not, with tolerances for change. In the modern digital era we find ourselves today, with an oceanic amount of information at our beckon-call, it can be extremely difficult to find any definitive answer to most meaningful question. And searching for any truth( or hiding one ) belonging to the 20th and 21st century is akin to a game of Chess….Ignoring a pawn of information can be unwise as it has every chance of reaching the other side and being turned into a formidable and unforseen foe.
I’ve recently had this, short story, passed my way and it is my pleasure to pass this on….The gorgeous metaphorical image, in this story, is a pleasure to grasp.

Now if I were to select what I thought was the most far-reaching history books from Babels Library, they would be as followed….
1. The story of King John, of England. Or more importantly how the Citizens he ruled over forced him into a situation that culminated in the most important and powerful Peace Treaty being agreed upon between an entire society. With the corner stones of Liberty and Justice being documented and given divine status. As Magna Carta 1215 supplied a template for the “founding Fathers” to emulate. I consider this a most Important maneuver, as it showed how the majority of mankind desired peace and equality. Check.
![magna quote.jpg](

2. The removal of our Common-Law Trial by a Jury, or a ‘court de jure’, for every case brought before the British courts.
This was a moment in time when the pendulum of destiny swung to the dark-side. Although our Common-Law system is more cumbersome it allows no infringement of weak-minded desires or corporate bias.
![blackstone quote.jpg](
This happened in 1848 and had a detrimental effect on our system of justice. After the Liberties, set out in Magna Carta1215, were once again reaffirmed by the majority, in the Great Revolution of 1668, the foundations of our Common Laws were strengthened with the addition of the ‘Bill of Rights’.
Nearly 450years after Magna Carta was sealed, it was still being used to reign in any would-be Tyrants. So you can see why the Elite, 1% of society, would like to remove their heavenly shackles. By removing our Common law courts we have allowed a European or Corporate legal system to infect our Organic judicial ecosystem. A once simple set of Laws, known to all(common), has since been devolved by the unlawful addition of ‘Stutute-Law’ or some may know it as ‘Admiral Law’. A manageable few hundred laws have been transmuted into TENS OF THOUSANDS of ‘Statute Acts’ given lawful power by a dishonourable group who believe they deserve more than others.
In a country that is ruled by consent it is contradictory and un-constitutional to be governed by laws we have no opportunity to give our consent to.


3. Book of Babel #3 would have to be the story of ‘How Big Oil Conquered The World’ by James Corbett. This amazing documentary exposes the true growth of the ‘anti-society’ that was allowed to flourish under the wing of our post 1848 version of ‘Liberty’. The rise of the super-rich and the chaos that has become our reality is laid out in shockingly detail leaving you with a great understanding of how things have gotten so bad.

4. My next Outstanding moment in history is our Inclusion into the EEC(European economic community). Although the ideology of a one world society governed by a similarly ideological ministry seems a noble desire. You must be careful what you wish for, as the Captain of this ship (Sir Edward Heath) is not only a pedophile but a treacherous, self-serving, power-hungry, psychopath/sociopath.

So why are some so surprised that the realisation of a utopic ‘one-world’ society engineered by maniacs is not the one they had in mind….

This Treasonous act not only exposed the tactics of Tyrants on the chess-board of destiny but it also highlighted a foul move…In the desperate attempts at check mate, through further acts of High Treason(still punishable by Death), committed by the successive governments of all major parties, the ‘Elites’ had to publicly turn their backs on the British Constitution.

every action has an equal reaction….


5. My Final and personal favourite from the Bookshelf of doom is a documentary that truly horrified me. The best bit is that it’s probably one that passed you by, the one you ignored.

The insignificant Pawn has evidently made it across to the other side and is now a Queen. And this Queen is merciless….

The ornate and divinely constructed chess-board has been changed. The board that was once made from fine English Oak, that had been polished over time almost to the point of true reflection. With its pieces impossibly carved from Black and White Diamond, an honourable game that was intended to be played over and over on a board made to last an eternity.

Our organic Masterpiece has been Terraformed. Earth v2.0 is in effect. The beautiful diamond pieces are now made from cheap plastic. Mass produced, indistinguishable, replicas. Playing on a dispensable, warped, Silicone coated board. A masterpiece, only in Economy. What could have been used to help varnish and add a final glaze to ‘the board’ has instead been applied glutonousely, void of any finesse or respect.

The more fortunate Nations of the world have recently gone through the Silicone Evolution of technology. For Myself and many others this event was represented by my Commadore 64. An amazing computer made accessible to the ‘average joe’ through the invention of the Silicone Microchip.

This Multi-tasking Mighty-Mouse revolutionised electronic devices in 2 major ways….the first was the amount of data a single silicone chip could process in comparison to its embarrassingly slow predecessor. The second was the production cost of this innocent little chip. Now when I say ‘production cost’ I need you to appreciate the awesome ability of the ‘Silicone chip’. With the relatively small cost of inventing a device to utilise these processors, a company had the opportunity to automate many Jobs in its process. Instead of the large financial overhead a company once had to pay out in salaries, pension, facilities, insurance etc etc. A company could now operate at a much higher output with a reduced staff requirement. This obviously generated huge profits, especially for the larger companies. To put it bluntly the silicone chip was equal, in effect, to the invention of the wheel. For the first time Human Beings had a chance to invest in the automation of a huge proportion of manual jobs, most of which are classed as un-desirable. We actually had the chance to evolve and we missed it….or did we?

Unfortunately not, and the fact that this episode of Panorama was followed by an unprisidented debate just goes to show that we knew exactly what this invention would mean to Humanity….
(if you have limited time or interest please just view the debate that runs from 52mins until the end)

Maybe if we hadn’t already allowed our Constitution to be dilluted we would have had people of integrity making these important decisions.
It is obvious to myself that greed and dishonour were a stable part of politics when the silicone chip arrived and much like the ideology of a one world society, the ideology of an automated world, without the need for manual labour, has been twisted and contorted to fit the needs of the 1% and consequently sentencing the rest to fight and die, over the scraps.

Not only have the Elite hi-jacked our Evolution as a species and removed our salvation they are using it against us to create society-destroying technology all founded around masses of personal data collected and stored using the same invention.

Our world could have been so much different…. We have allowed a manipulative few to alter our reality and our society for the worse. Its time to swing the pendulum back in our favour.

Lawful Rebellion has managed to guide a Pawn to the other side.

We can prove Treason has been committed beyond a shadow of a doubt but we must have our case heard in a common-law court, a Court de jure!!

To do this we must have the support and numbers to re-affirm our Natural Laws.

You can make a difference.

peace and love

Rebel Dan.



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