UK (non) Government to convert EU law into British Law despite “Brexit” and 1689 Bill of Rights 

The Bill of Rights 1689, one of the most important documents in the British Constitution, states with absolute certainty that “no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have, any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence, or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm.”

In 1913 (Bowles v Bank of England) it was ruled that:

“The Bill of Rights still remains unrepealed, and practice of custom, however prolonged or however acquiesced in on the part of the subject, cannot be relied on by the crown as justifying any infringement of its provisions.”

This is only one of the many reasons we were never legally in the eec or the EU. It is also a reason why “Brexit” was one of the biggest scams in the 21st Centurary in Britain played of by an impostor government who have for the past 105 years been invaded and infiltrated by Quislings acting in ultra vires.

On 21 July 1993, the Speaker of The House of Commons issued a reminder to the courts. She said:

“There has of course been no amendment to the Bill of Rights…the house is entitled to expect that the Bill of Rights will be fully respected by all those appearing before the courts.”

The original Bill of Rights (1689) passed to secure liberty in past times of despotism 328 years ago, and in verbatim incorporating the peoples unrebutted Declaration of Rights 1688, cannot be repealed. Not only is the Bill of Rights a “constitutional statute” which are, according to the Thoburn Judgement; “immune from implied repeal” the Declaration of Rights 1688 is a Peace treaty which like all treaties, cannot be repealed. The principles that came of the Glorious Revolution cannot be changed by any Parliament, but can only be changed via a constitutional convention of the people.

Addressing both Houses of Parliament on 20 July 1988, at a meeting of both houses to mark the 300th anniversary of the Declaration of Rights, Her Majesty said that it was “still part of statute law…on which the whole foundation and edifice of our parliamentary democracy rests.”

Not only were we tricked into believing that “joining” the European Economic Community would not effect the National Sovereignty of Britain but Heath also never seemed to mention the fact that the at the time “EEC” would turn into a European Government, and commited Sedition and Treason in his attempts.

Now we see that the unelected imposter Theresa May has givent notice of incorporating the Napoleonic Civil Code (EU law) into British law. However no authority exists for Parliament to do so, and especially while Article 61 is in force (which deposed the crown of all authority in 2001).

Instead of letting it happen to further erode the peoples ancient libertys, customs and freedom, we should all be unifying under Article 61 which has been in force for over 16 years now since it was constitutionally invoked. This includes swearing an Oath and peacefully distressing and distraining the (non) government until such times of redress and a constitutional covention of the people has been achieved.

Can tyrants make things better by being voted for? NO! Do not vote into a TREASONOUS administration of governance. It is illegal!

If you are interested in activism and the law. Please CLICK HERE and find out what you can do to stop this destruction.

We have no right to stop the future generations from having the same rights. This includes giving them away to a foreign authority.

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