Some people will I’m sure still be living their lives completely oblivious to the reality that evades their narrow field of awareness. Although their eyes can see and their ears can hear, and the fact that everything is available online these days, they are kept either so busy that they don’t get much time to study the truth, or so apathetic and fearful that they don’t want to rock the pirate ship, so they don’t even want to know. Their brains can make little sense of the real situation in which we in Britain and the Commonwealth are now facing, along with the rest of the world, because they trust the mainstream media to deliver them the truth. Either that or they must be mentally deranged and have an extremely twisted perspective on life.

What the entire world is on the brink of realizing, which has become apparent to many of us already, is a corporate take-over incorporating covert global genocide. The war on terror is in fact a manipulated war on sovereignty, simply because sovereignty cannot exist within a new world order of control, which is already here by the way. The only input these people have is what the mainstream media spins so they are way off track conceptually, and serving the corporations entirely. It’s really very sad.

By us all collectively accepting injustice after injustice by these corporations without outrage or even much complaint it seems, which, to be at all effective, involves uniting together and planning some worthwhile peaceful action. Most people are sleepwalking into a nightmare of their own creation and dragging the rest of us along with their heels. IT’S TIME TO WAKE THEM UP! Actions speak louder than words.

Ladies and Gentlemen we are being boiled like the proverbial frog and it is high time we all accepted the evidence of that fact, and to unite to do something to stop it. Ratchet by ratchet we have been desensitized into accepting things that we ought NEVER accept! Melanie Shaw’s illegal imprisonment is but one of the most recent injustices to have been accepted by us all…if that were not the case then she would now be free so I trust there is no argument. Why are so many people so very ill today? Why is the sky now a light blue instead of the deep blue like I remember it as a child? Can you logically make the connection there? If you can then you surely realize that we have no choice but to step up to the mark now.

We have been programmed to allow almost every injustice and travesty to go on unabated in the servile belief that there is nothing that we can do about it personally. That concept is engineered and generally accepted through propaganda and apathy, aided by the toxins disabling our brains, the toxins which are unavoidable within our daily lives unless we wear breathing apparatus and some protection against electromagnetic radiation, and many more poisons besides. All these toxins are making us more stupid and ill by the day, but because it’s occurring slowly to everyone at the same time we don’t even notice it collectively. How would people know if we were all going insane at the same time? Surely it is insane to allow all these toxins to remain in our environment without being outraged at the audacity and evil behind it? Hardly to mention the extreme corruption, treason, terrorism, frauds, sexual abuses, illegal wars, judicial corruption and government created terrorist attacks that have all blatantly been allowed to go on without penalty. Lets face it, we must all be insane right?

We are EVIDENTLY not only being poisoned by the many toxic substances that are everywhere in our environment these days, substances like aspartame which are Excitotoxins that are a class of chemicals (usually amino acids) that overstimulate neuron receptors. Neuron receptors allow brain cells to communicate with each other. Basically excitotoxins burn out the parts of the brain that gives people the ability to think straight, so that the neural receptors can no longer fire correctly resulting in the brain being unable to make vital thought connections so that realisations can occur. And the ‘kiddies cocaine’ (Ritalin) which does the same thing. It is also the concept control by the mainstream media that poisons people’s minds / concepts. Words and sound-bites are used to create an alternative concept of reality and it is done completely within plain sight and sound.

For example, if we simply, collectively accept that government can be voted into ‘power’ without question or objection, then we have subliminally and collectively accepted that there is no system of ‘service’ in our land, which is NOT how our system of governance was set up by our forefathers to run, which was in fact set up for us all to enjoy! Not to suffer under!! We have accepted by remaining quiet (tacitly), that the government is in power and is therefore sovereign to be able to rule over us. That is NOT how our system was set up so please wake up, you should at least be feeling indignant if not bloody angry at what is going on. 1.2 million British people died during two bankster contrived world wars, they died to preserve our rights to freedom, health, justice and self determination. We are today tacitly allowing their lives to have been lost for nothing. Lest we forget.

We the people are sovereign in our land under our common and ancient law. Parliament can never be sovereign as it is supposed to be in service to the sovereign. The notion is indeed a contradiction in terms. The governments of Britain and the Commonwealth are by oaths of allegiance to a constitutional monarch, in service to the monarch and the people (constitutional subjects) of the realm, therefore it is not possible that parliamentary sovereignty could ever exist. Nor can the monarchy claim to be the holder of the office of sovereign at this time, whilst breaching the Oath of Allegiance to our common laws and customs, the same laws and customs that all subjects should be able to rely upon for peace, truth, good health, justice and prosperity.

Nor could the monarch claim to be within any position of service whatsoever today, or since the barons committee invoked Article 61 of the 1215 Magna Carta. She was deposed of her title under constitutional law in 2001 and, to deny that fact publicly would be sedition if not downright treasonous. She allowed the ratification of the Nice treaty (France) which is evidently unconstitutional, FACT. The truth is that it was treason to ratify the said treaty. A proper court hearing conducted by the people (as all trials should be conducted) would determine her innocence or guilt. Some will disagree but she (QE2) can be arranged within the courts to stand trial, since she is NOT the reigning monarch, and evidently so that would be untrue. Her innocence or guilt is besides the point at this time however, as treason has evidently been committed and that is what needs to be heard within a real court of law. Treason is to hand a nation over into slavery to a foreign nation without first being beaten in open warfare. This battle of Britain we face is for our sovereignty, without sovereignty there can ONLY be slavery so please WAKE UP before it’s too late.

The constitutional monarch in turn pledges an Oath of Allegiance to the Common laws and customs of the people within the Coronation Oath Act of 1688, which is a contract between the monarch, god and the people. It is a well evidenced obligation that the monarch has, and the truth of it cannot be denied without denouncing the constitution which would be sedition. This proves undeniably that it is the people who are sovereign NOT the monarch or its parliament.

To be truly standing in our sovereign capacity today, one must take responsibility to stand by the truth in law without fear or denial of that responsibility, and to use reason and logic (to attempt at least) to educate (compel) those who have the ears to hear you and the sight to see, specifically regarding how we each have a legal obligation to unite to rebel peacefully against the regime at this time, and since article 61 was invoked according to the correct protocols of British Constitutional law on the 23rd March 2001.

It clearly reads within Article 61’s text that those unwilling to stand will be compelled to do so. The royal ‘we’ is used which means we all have this duty, therefore we all have the duty to compel others to abide by the law not in outlawry as they are now. We (as a movement) tend to compel other people to make the stand with us, by using the most easily provable evidence there is, simply and peacefully, by producing the evidential fact that article 61 is in effect right now, and that not to stand is illegal strictly speaking… its also immoral and extremely dishonourable not to observe the truth in law, or in life in general of course.

Honour and the law demands that we each follow a particular protocol whilst actively rejecting the regime. Conditional acceptance Notices are used because we all gladly accept what is legal (constitutional). We conditionally accept all of their demands and invites on proof that we can act upon them in the way that they demand without breaking the constitutional law. We demand proof in substance, meaning we require documented evidence to prove that Article 61 is no longer in effect today. For that to occur the committee of the barons would have had to publicly announce it, and with it announce that the treaty of Nice (France 2001) had been revoked and, that the treasonous imposters within Westminster and other public services had been arrested. The constitution would then be observed by all of the courts, so that a peaceful remedy to this corporate takeover would be possible. It’s not rocket science really. The common laws of this land are very simple, they are natural laws to any human being human.

It is evidently completely legal to reject the crowns demands and to seize its assets with lawful excuse to do so at this time, and to deny that fact publicly would be seditious if not treasonable in itself. It is the police that we need to bring back on side with the people, and the constitutional law again, but please bear in mind that ‘they’ (the quislings in Westminster) stopped teaching constitutional law within universities back in the 1970’s, so most policy enforcers today have no idea what true law even is in Britain, or from where it originates. The corporate takeover has been ongoing since at least 1848 when the grand juries were illegally (unconstitutionally) repealed.

Putting them on notice educates them, and also provides us with evidence of their personal intent. We also need to understand with some compassion, that individually, police constables are in a difficult position when it comes to acting according to the truth. There is no justice within the police hierarchy or tolerance within that corporate regime either, and each police constable is also tied into the machine like most of us are, with mortgages etc. If they stick their heads above the parapet individually then they wouldn’t be there for very long, and most of them realize it. Yet each constable has the duty under his warrant card and oath to act independently of all others, and “to know the law and to observe it well”.

I know some police constables personally, whom have quietly wished me well on my rebellious path. All they need is an excuse to do the right thing along with the protection of the people at the end of the day, with hundreds of thousands of people demanding they observe the truth, and for them to act upon it, they would have no choice but to observe the will of the people above their criminal alleged superiors will. Police constables acting within their constitutional capacity, according to their oaths of office and warrant cards, could turn this mess around overnight. Without them we will be opposing them at some point in the future, and they are now militarised.

Britain and the commonwealth has ‘National Sovereignty’ within a Common law jurisdiction of governance. If that is not the case then TREASON MUST HAVE BEEN COMMITTED its as simple as that. The British constitution is built upon honour, which any reasonable, honest subject of the realm would agree to abide by. I for one fully consent to be governed under the constitution as it protects me and everyone else entirely from injustices equally. As long as the entire constitution is being observed then our constitutional system works very well. It works to guarantee us peace, health, prosperity and freedom to live a good life in any way in which we so desire, as long as we do no harm and cause no loss to others. Which is a system that we CAN each enjoy if we want it enough. Believe it or not life could be an enjoyable experience for everyone on earth… but we don’t even recognize what freedom is and means these days, nor do many appear to notice the sheer lack of its existence these days, which is a much more important issue to address.

Those who may think that we don’t require a system of governance, or that they don’t need to be governed themselves, which has been put forward as an argument on a few occasions in the past, just need to ask themselves if everyone is as honest and trustworthy as you? Maybe one day, once we as a human species have evolved enough not to require a system of governance, then that may even occur?…but we are like infants at this time, collectively we have been degrading intellectually, morally, spiritually, consciously and in every other way over the past 100+ years, it has been occurring ratchet by ratchet for generations, by design!

The monarch also specifically swears to protect the laws of god. Since our ancient and wise constitution stands in alignment with the natural laws of god (and mankind)…. honour, integrity, peace and justice, which we should all be observing today, means that only a dubious character would object to consent to the constitutional laws of the land. If you have no intent to cause another loss or harm, or to defraud another in any way, or to create a breach of the peace, then there should be no objection to being a constitutional subject of the realm.

Some people don’t like the thought of being classed as a ‘subject’ but it does not mean that we are not sovereign. We consent to be subject to a structured system that serves us all justly and equally without the need to be wealthy. We consent to a system that cannot become tyrannical by its design, as long as it is overseen by the people, but we must always act strictly according to it, and especially in order to defend it once we have been negligent in allowing it to be subjugated….if we lose our rights, which were hard fought for throughout our history, and written down so that no argument could again arise as to what those rights truly are, then we dishonour ourselves and our ancestors. Not to mention our children and their grim futures.

The sovereignty of the people is supposed to be held in TRUST by the monarch so that a peaceful and just system of service can exist….. we are all equal under the law and justice cannot be denied or delayed to anyone without breaking the law. All disagreements that cannot be remedied between the parties honourably, should thus be able to be resolved peacefully within the court service. Not some run for profit corporate industry using treasonous legislation to deceive us all and steal our assets. Solicitors make sure cases drag on so that they make as much as they can from a dispute. If compensation is awarded in relatively minor matters, the solicitors on both sides get much more cash out of it than the person receiving the compensation. That in itself says it all.

And, since the law demands that we do not aid and abet such tyrannous courts today, we all have complete lawful excuse not to attend these corporate arenas…it is criminal IN FACT to do so (except under duress of circumstances). If nobody turned up then they would soon go into liquidation, because corporate run for profit businesses (which is all courts are) cannot survive without creating wealth, and they would fold….it wouldn’t happen as simply as that because they would do all that they could to maintain the status quo and deception of course, but if we all united and acted peacefully to demand that the constitution is fully observed within all courts of law, as it MUST be in law, then we would bring this corporate takeover of the globe down, starting right here in Britain. It would be a domino effect across Europe and the commonwealth.

The alleged queen Elizabeth is now promoting the common-wealth as a creature unrecognisable to our constitution, they are planning to revamp it under the United Nations. All United Nation Charters were signed up to by a treasonable regime in 1948 and therefore do not stand.

Going back to the police, the remedy we seek could indeed occur very swiftly but not without the people getting involved…. we all need to shake off the apathy and visualise the system of service we can and should be enjoying. Examples are; no travelling costs with a bus and train service back under the public purse; We should have water and sewage services with no extra costs; protection services i.e, fire ambulance and police and the NHS; We should be enjoying free swimming pools, community centres and other services; free health and dental care….of course none of it is exactly free as we will still be paying for it all to be maintained by our taxes, but, let’s say there are 40 million working people? They can generate plenty of wealth through minimal taxation to run a nation such as ours. We would have free energy too, think about it. Also the accumulated wealth of all the banksters etc, these assets would be stripped and provide us all the wealth we would need.

There would be a lot less crime of course as abundance would be the norm not austerity. To prove austerity is a created sufferance for our conformity check out Finchley Road and Gordon Bowden. If someone ever needed to steal a loaf of bread to eat, then the system should also be on the stand as well as the thief, within a fair and just system that is.

For a peaceful resolution we must collectively demand that the constitutional law is again observed, and we must accept nothing less. If you prefer to use the bible as the book of law, and you know it well, then use that instead. The alleged monarch swore to uphold the laws of god, and as the coronation was televised in 1953 that fact is completely evidential. It is also treason against god to deny the laws of god within our system. I personally tend to keep away from religion per se, because it has a tendency to turn people away from the remedy. Religion has been so distorted and used to control good people for so long, it’s hardly surprising most people avoid it in public.

The people today have never before been so dumbed down in my view, the toxic skies, the ether, foods, medicines and water supplies, plus the neon god that sits in its central position in most people’s sitting rooms, have done what they were designed to do…to programme and poison us into servitude and apathy, and in some cases into a state of fear or narcissism or secondary psychopathy. Sociopaths are not uncommon these days but, there are far more good people than there are bad.

We are all being deceived and harmed covertly by silent weapons within a covert war so people can’t really be blamed for their designed faults…. compassion for people that are unaware of the truth is not difficult but, being unaware of something is very different to ignoring something that has been brought to your awareness and evidenced in fact. Ignorance is no plea or defence under constitutional law. If someone has evidently been notified of a fact it cannot later be said that they were unaware of it, failing to look or to act upon the truth is against the laws of the land, and our individual moral compasses.

Dishonouring an Oath is to dishonour a moral obligation to act according to what is just and true. It is extremely serious to dishonour an Oath whilst acting within a public service. Honour has been in decline since the Victorian era in my view, people no longer realize that honour is the foundation stone that our constitution rests upon. By design honour has all but vanished within society today. Honour and intent (which is based on honour anyway) are key and vital concepts within the law. If you fall into dishonour within communications via Notices etc, then you automatically lose the matter you are contesting by default in law.

If there is no criminal intent to commit a crime then there is no crime at all. There are three elements that make up a crime; Mens rea (criminal intent); Corpus delicti (someone who has suffered a loss or harm from another); Actus reus (body of the crime – the evidence of crime). All three elements must exist for a crime to have been committed, not merely one or two of them.

Our ancestors were much wiser than we are today, the various Bills, Acts, Treaties and Declarations were designed to bring the people together in unity in times of tyranny. When the people unite there is democracy and good governance under the common laws of the land, whilst we are kept divided the tyranny can and does continue, especially once it has become institutionalised as it has today and for a long time since, it is endemic and has to be overrun by the weight of the people’s discontent to be defeated. The reason tyrannical rule has grown into such a monster today is because TV and the rest of the mainstream corporate fed machine has been allowed to grow so strong by our tacit consent, and that we have allowed every injustice to occur without demanding it be remedied…oh yes we are all to blame for it make no mistake. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” – Martin Luther King.

If you question whether injustices are actually occurring as I claim, then you only need to look at the Melanie Shaw case, or what happened with Ollie Pinnock whilst he was merely questioning the legality of paying council tax in an honourable and legal way. And also take a peek at all the disabled people being sanctioned and denied their entitlements to the benefits of the welfare state. Universal Credit is a corporate monster. How can ANY run for profit corporations (Atos- Capita) be involved within the constructs of the welfare state, which is supposed to be one of the basic services our taxes provide? It is illegal under the constitution for corporations to be running for profit, or to have any involvement within our public services. We are the mushrooms – kept in the dark and fed on dung.

The path to freedom is only going to occur relatively peacefully once we all agree that we must unite for one cause. The ONE cause in my view that we all need to agree upon, by using logic and reason of course, is that we need to reassert the rule of law again so that properly convened courts (de jure courts – courts with a jury of the common people standing under constitutional law and, conducted within public forum), can once again serve up justice NOT CORPORATE TYRANNY. That’s the only reason Blair (for example) is still at large.

Those traitors within the regime (and there are many) who a number of us now have documented evidence against, shall be brought to justice someday and soon, or they will aid and abet your destruction and mine. It is our choice essentially. It will only be possible to bring these traitors to justice peacefully once we have successfully managed to compel the police to observe the evidential facts, and then to do the job that we pay them to do under common law. Once we unite to demand that each police constable acts according to the truth in law, the tyranny has a chance to swiftly end, and we will then be free to return to a system of service and real justice again, which our ancestors worked, fought and paid for (many with their lives) to create and preserve a fair system for us all. Not to mention all the financial contributions that you have already made to this society / regime.

Tax would be miniscule in comparison to what it is today, we would only be paying for the upkeep of our long established services and very little else. The Bradbury pound would stop the fractional reserve banking rip off, and the wealth of all these criminal banksters and corporations would fund everything that we require to put things right. Once they are relieved of their assets and liberty, we would have all we need, security and wealth and much more besides. A constitutional convention of the people would then be able to shore up our ancient common laws so that tyranny can never slowly develop again like it has, and once again provide us a system of service which is totally accountable to the scrutiny of we the people.

We the people must always be free to oversee the system, the books should be open to all public enquiry at any time. Within a fair and just system there would be no concealment of any facts and figures. All courts would be open to public scrutiny, all public servants accountable for their actions. Voting could not be rigged if it was done correctly therefore people could actually be voted into service, not appointed into power by covert means.

The path to freedom can and must be attained by unity of the people there is no other way, historically it is proven to have been the only way peaceful way. We must unite to ‘lobby the bobby’ into observing the evidenced facts, and initially, that is the main and first that thing we need to do collectively right now, which shouldn’t be too much to ask from us (the people) or for them (the police) to do, and for them to further act upon the evidence once they have investigated it and have determined it to be the truth.

We must use nothing but the common laws of our land and/or the ten commandments contained within the constitution and/or the bible. The ancient customs of the people are not subject to any change other than by the people agreeing upon it democratically, and that must be done via a constitutional convention of the people as said. A system of uncorrupted voting would then bring necessary and wise changes into fruition. Also to elect good people back into service, but only those whom are morally adept enough to be there. I would propose at such a convention a meritocracy (a system based upon the merits / qualifications of the one standing for election), based essentially upon the historical honour of the one standing for election

The path to freedom is UNITY… by collectively standing united under the constitution in legal rebellion (diffidation), rejecting the criminal regime with lawful excuse to do so and, whilst demanding the police observe only the truth, we will be taking the first steps to a peaceful rebellion collectively, which is the only peaceful and legal recourse we have as far as I can see. You are welcome to enlighten me to another way if you know of one. We all need to create local groups in order to put the local councillors, politicians and police on notice of the evidenced fact that article 61 of Magna Carta is in effect right now, and that they have a legal and moral obligation to bloody well accept that fact. Small groups are all that is required to begin with.

There are only say about what…200,000 British police?..the reason they have been depleted in number is because the architects of the new world order want to create civil unrest at some point, yet we readily accept so much they must be wondering what extreme injustices they will have to blatantly commit to outrage the people enough to create sufficient unrest, they will create it so that they can then use that unrest to bring in foreign armed troops onto British streets. A foreign occupation of armed troops on our soil is not that far off…just look into Eurogendfor and the UN army that has divisions in most forward countries of the world.

We the people outnumber the police by far of course, if the police will not observe the truth then they are not fit for purpose and we have every duty under the law these days (and always) to arrest them ourselves, and throw them into their own cells. All it takes is numbers. It would be very unlikely that we would end up needing to arrest all the cops mind you, with enough of us converging on their police stations regularly to demand / compel them to observe the truth, they would eventually comply. It means that you have to be active yourself though, yes you, if only as a silent witness to the events that others may create. If only to make up the numbers. It all depends on you taking responsibility for what we collectively allow or not.

Please look out for the ‘Charterist movement’ that is being created by Justin Walker of the British Constitution Group, which stands under the Winchester declaration. The Charterist movement was created originally back in the 18 20/30’s. There are lessons to be learned from history so we need not make the same mistakes that they did back then. The Winchester Declaration calls for the reassertion of the constitution and is the vehicle that we trust will unite the many various groups and movements fighting the many, many tentacles of the same beast, which we plan to go for the heart of. All the other groups and movements i.e., the fracking protectors, 911 & 7-7 truth movement, freeman movement etc etc etc…. can and would benefit well from joining together to demand that justice exist within the judicial system.

Please do not allow apathy, fear or ignorance to persuade you to tacitly agree and thus, carry on supporting all the extremely serious and disgusting crimes of the state, including your own eventual demise. Nobody gets out of this world alive please remember that fact. We are all responsible for our own actions and omissions morally and legally, those without a conscience need not apply. If you watched and allowed the school bully get away with terrorising the innocent then you will be of little use to the movement either, yet if you did, then now is the time to stand up against it and confront your fear. Fear will not serve you or those acting within your best interest at this time, it only serves ‘them’.. Peace.

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