The Winchester Declaration




Our ancient forbears, from King Alfred the Great, the Lawgiver, to the Barons at Runnymede, secured for us a system of law and governance that guarantees the Rule of Law – a Trial by Jury Common Law constitution where all of the people, from the monarch to the most humble, are equal under God and the law, the Law of the Land, the Common Law.

The Great Charter of 1215, known to the world as Magna Carta, a peace treaty between a lawless king and his people, confirmed, in perpetuity, our Common Law inalienable rights to Trial by Jury for all trials; the presumption
of innocence rather than guilt; unimpeded access to habeas corpus and the due process of law; cost-free prosecutions by ordinary citizens for infractions of Common Law by those in authority; and the right of juries to annul unjust legislation and statutes passed by Parliament thus giving the British people the
ultimate protection against the imposition of tyranny by ruthless, agenda-driven
and self-serving politicians.

Contrary to the widely held and mistaken belief of our political class today, Parliament is, and has always been, subservient and answerable to the supreme will of the British people and cannot, in any way, repeal or diminish the
integrity and importance of the 1215 Great Charter. It is with this fundamental truth that we now make the following Declaration of our own freewill and on behalf of all those suffering from the current lawlessness of our country:


The Declaration in Full:

We, who are sovereign and who are gathered here today in the ancient capital of King Alfred the Great, on this day of the nineteenth of November 2016, do now serve notice to our elected servants and representatives in  Parliament that we require the Rule of Law to be fully restored to the British people with immediate effect by their passing of the Restoration Amendment.

We are compelled by the supreme Law of the Land, the Common Law, to serve this notice as the evidence is now absolute that there is an elite and secretive cartel of powerful bankers, financiers and industrialists who, using
deception, entrapment and outright criminality, and, most importantly, without  our given consent, are seeking to establish an alien system of corporate justice  and governance for our country and its people that is in direct conflict with our  ancient and God-given laws, customs and traditions. 

This system of planned corporate control, known to the world as ‘Globalisation’, and which created, by use of deception and stealth, the European Union, results in the unlawful imposition of invasive and unaccountable control in people’s everyday lives. It is a system that oversees the increasing privatisation and corporatisation of our essential services and
vital infrastructure, whilst at the same time imposing unlawful debt servitude upon our nation, our communities and our families. It is a system that seeks to benefit the financial interests of the City of London at the expense of the overall well-being of the British people.

As a direct result of this, we are now living in a lawless and increasingly bankrupt country – a country where our ancient Trial by Jury common law justice system, which is there to protect us all from arbitrary government and
outright tyranny, has been deliberately diminished in its effectiveness; a country
where loving families are having their children seized by courts without juries; a country where senior rogue elements of the judiciary, the police and the legal profession are brazenly protecting Establishment-led paedophile rings; a country where bogus courts without juries, using fraudulent documentation, are causing innocent people to lose their homes and their livelihoods; a country where our government is pursuing an unlawful and dangerous foreign policy to support the vested interests of the financial and corporate elite; a country where
our armed services are being deliberately distressed and cut back to the point where our nation’s defences can no longer be relied upon; and a country where the poor, the vulnerable and the elderly in our society are increasingly suffering from unlawful austerity cutbacks.

Our ancient forbears utterly condemned usury by the moneylenders as a Common Law crime against the people. Today, our elected servants and representatives in Parliament, contrary to common sense, common decency and the actual precedents of history, remain willingly submissive and compliant to the machinations of the world’s privately controlled, debt-creating central  mbanking system, host by the secretive, unaccountable and indeed criminal Bank for International Settlements.

Despite history clearly showing that a government of a sovereign nation, such as ours, has the absolute right, indeed duty, to create, issue and control its own debt-free and interest-free money through its treasury that is based entirely on that nation’s wealth and potential, our elected servants in Parliament, when taxation receipts are outweighed by government expenditure, insist on borrowing money from the usury practicing, private banking and financial sector – money that is not based on anything tangible and which has been conjured up completely out of thin air as debt.

To negate with immediate effect this criminal fiscal policy, we, today, serve notice to the British Government that they must immediately embrace the simple and common sense principle of Sovereign National Credit by restoring the 1914 Treasury-issued, debt-free and interest-free Bradbury Pound. This
one action will ensure that there is proper funding for the National Health Service; for the vulnerable and elderly in our society; for the effectiveness of our armed services in their defence of our country and our sovereignty; for our critical strategic industries and major infrastructure projects; and for our students to enjoy a debt-free and robust education that directly contributes to our nation’s well-being, happiness and future prosperity.

In conclusion, to restore the Rule of Law fully and to provide complete remedy for the current lawlessness, debt and treason affecting our nation today, we, who are gathered here today in Winchester, do now require from our
elected servants in Parliament the immediate passing of The Restoration Amendment which would secure forever our nation’s future prosperity, security and happiness whilst confirming in perpetuity our ancient rights and
privileges under God and the Law of the Land.

The Restoration Amendment is comprised of two parts. The first is the full restoration of our Common Law Trial by Jury Constitution, as confirmed by the 1215 Great Charter, and that this system of proven and fair justice is
supreme over any arbitrary legislation passed by Parliament; and that statutes contrary to the Common Law are void. The second is the simple restoration of Sovereign National Credit, as embodied in the 1914 debt-free and interest-free Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound, in order to provide the liquidity needed for the British people to enjoy prosperity, security and happiness free from the criminal influence and interference of the private debt-creating central banking system and the City of London.

Our country is fast becoming a Corporatocracy as the interests of the financial elite are allowed to take complete precedence over our sovereignty, well-being and democracy. Collectively, our elected servants in Parliament, on both sides of the House, from different ends of the political spectrum, have completely failed us. As to whether this is due to their ignorance, arrogance and complete stupidity, or to their conscious and consensual agreement to take part in high treason, remains to be seen. How they respond, when individually
challenged to support the passing of The Restoration Amendment, will provide us with the answers we need.

The choice taken by the British electorate to leave the European Union – a criminal institution created by the central bankers and the financial elite in order to further speed up their process of globalisation at the expense of sovereign nations – is now being challenged by a sizeable number of our elected servants  who cannot bring themselves to accept the democratic decision of their electors. The passing of The Restoration Amendment, as it is all based on the truth, the rule of law, common sense and historical precedent, will put an immediate end to the complex and drawn out negotiations being planned to frustrate the clear will of the British people. Indeed, the Winchester Declaration today will be an
inspiring and shining light to other sovereign nations as they, also, seek to ward off the advance of globalisation and all that it entails.

So today, at Winchester, we do serve notice to our elected servants in Parliament, and to those residing in the corridors of power, that if you do not now actively support The Restoration Amendment to restore fully the Rule of Law in our country, and you persist in your treasonous ways with your malfeasance in public office, that we are compelled by the Common and God-given Law of this country to take whatever appropriate and peaceful steps that are needed to bring you to justice. This is a pledge that we take willingly today that cannot be lawfully broken. The Rule of Law will be restored to our nation.

This Declaration by the British Constitution Group to Restore the Rule of Law in the
United Kingdom was witnessed and unanimously endorsed by around five hundred people at the Guildhall, Winchester, on the 19th of November, 2016.

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