What is the Winchester Declaration and why should you want parliament to ratify it immediately?

In 2016 a peoples Declaration, calling for the restoration of the UK’s Trial and Annulment by Jury Common Law Constitution, was witnessed and unanimously endorsed by over five hundred people at Guidehall, Winchester.

This new Declaration, which was drawn up by Campaign Coordinators Kenn D’oudney (of the Democracy Defined Campaign) and Justin Walker (of the British Constitution Group and New Chartist Movement), re-affirms and declares that the People are ultimately Sovereign by restoring the supremacy of the UK’s Trial by Jury Common Law Constitution, as confirmed by the 1215 Great Charter, along with the absolute right of a randomly selected Jury to annul bad and flawed legislation passed by the agenda-driven, self-serving politicians in Parliament.

It declares that Poverty and Austerity be ended immediately by the reinstatement of the fiscal process known as Sovereign National Credit whereby HM Treasury creates and issues debt-free and interest-free money that is based entirely on the wealth and labour potential (creativity) of our nation. This will involve restoring the 1914 Bradbury Pound.

It affirms that Children must be protected from Establishment-led abuse by abolishing the secretive and corrupt Family Courts, along with the setting up of a new and properly run public inquiry involving a randomly selected Grand Jury to investigate thoroughly, without fear or favour, the alleged abuse of children by people in positions of trust and authority, some of whom, it is alleged, are holding, or have held, positions at the very highest levels of government.

As well as all of the above, it also guarentees that our Armed Services and Police Service be shielded from further cut-backs by immediately withdrawing from the proven and treasonous process to unify our already deliberately depleted Armed Services with those of the European Union (e.g. PESCO); whilst at the same time annulling the process to privatise and ‘corporatise’ our Police Service, including giving private security firms (such as G4S) the powers of arrest. Those men and women who are seeking to serve and defend us are being deliberately emasculated so as to allow our treasonous political class to end our country’s ancient freedoms and sovereignty and our shared and world-respected Common Law Trial by Jury Constitution.

Finally, The Winchester Declaration asserts that true Justice in the Courts be restored by bringing to trial those rogue judges, lawyers, auditors and bankers who are, or have been, involved in fraudulent bankruptcies that have stolen billions of pounds from totally innocent victims, not to mention carrying out large-scale money-laundering exercises.


The only way this can all be made possible is by the ratification of the Winchester Declaration. This is done by the simple process of Parliament passing the Restoration Amendment immediately. After being passed into Statute law, this Amendment will see to it that parliament itself reverts back to its constitutionally limited capacity.

The prime objective for now is to get the largest single group or majority in parliament of Independent Candidates elected on the Amendment’s Program of Restoration of the constitutional rule of law. But who will these Candidates be?

Your help is needed to make this happen. By simply spreading the word and gaining more awareness by lobbying both the electorate, media and our politicians, we (the people) can ensure that a prosperous and constitutional system can be re-asserted once more in perpetuity for the future generations that follow on.


  1. How can we get this restoration amendment passed by parliament? they are all so corrupt and obviously do not want it to happen

    • Thanks for the question. It would no longer be “corrupt” if MPs were elected on the Amendment’s Program of Restoration of the constitutional rule of law. 

      This, legal restoration ‘from the inside’ is now the only way to restore our Constitution. Please take into consideration supporting the involved Movements (democracydefined.org and newchartistmovement.org.uk etc) so that we can see the word grow. When the public demand grows for this to be ratified, it will happen de facto.

  2. Whilst this is a fine idea, it cannot expect to be aknowleged in any way, shape or form by the existing elite. This includes corrupt governments, the civil service, the police and the judiciary all backed by a significant number of radicals, with personal interests a stake.

    • This is why independent candidates will stand and be elected on the Amendment’s Program. This ensures that there is no tampering or criminality with the will of the people. We are about to send the necessary materials to the Democrats and Veterans Party and the British Union and Sovereignty Party.

  3. Have you served notice to the PM and all members of Parliment and the house of Lords. Have you or will you get this published nationwide so everyone in the land becomes aware of this. Will the PM take notice or will this be swept under the carpet like most of our conserns. Finally would it help if everyone send a sihned declaration to No10

    • Marion,

      Not all MP’s and Lords but that is one of the goals. And yes. Most certainly.

      With enough support how could anyone hide it under the carpet? (No carpet is that big)

      Finally, that could help. You aren’t wrong there. However, perhaps it is better to write a heartfelt plea amplifying both the Declaration and Amendment? Any idea is a hood idea. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  4. Hi. I’ve followed this way forward for sometime now after researching The Great Statute of Praemunire, have formed my own view of the corruption and the timeline to our entry into the eec.
    Totally understand that you have to fight from within, it’s what a certain group of foreigners will do within 10 years. You say independent candidates but the majority will want to vote knowing who their PM will be. How will you convince them to vote for a party of independents?

  5. I want to know why the likes of Boris , Jacob Reese Mogg, Nigel Farage etc, have not brought this to the Publics attention and why are we still arguing with the EUwhen we do not have to .

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