Will YOU join the legal uprising happening right now in Britain?

Most people don’t seem to realise today that sixteen years ago, their constitutional safeguard known as the “Security Clause” of our constitution was triggered.

In 2001 ancient revolutionary rights, which were used at least 30 times in the past during times of uprising against despotism and tyranny, became law. It has in fact, stayed in force to this very day, sixteen years on.

The Enforcement Clause as it is known as has been used on numerous occasions and provides remedy for the subjects when the state becomes tyrannical or corrupted with evident misuse of powers.

Article 61 allows subjects of the realm to draw up a petition of grievances which a properly constituted committee of Barons (Lords) must take to the Monarch, who must redress the grievances. And as Article 61 recognises, the grievances or “transgressions” must be redressed “without delay” and “within forty days”. If it is not corrected, the subjects may hinder, or as Article 61 states, “distress and distrain” in all ways, (peacefully) their own sovereign, in accordance with law.

The last monarch to receive petition of grievances under Article 61 and act on it in accordance with the proper protocols confirmed in Magna Carta 1215 was Queen Victoria.

The 1215 Great Charter is the People’s perennial Compact with their chosen incumbent heads of state: it is a peace treaty between the Crown as an institution and the people and is NOT a statute like the heavily repealed 1297 Act of Parliament. It is still valid today!

The last time the Security Clause came into force was during the last major Glorious Revolution in 1688 whereby the Bishop of Salisbury (Gilbert Burnet) acted on behalf of the barons and bishops of England to invite William of Orange and Mary to come to London in 1688, after King James II had failed to re-establish Roman Catholicism in England.

The people were victorious then so therefore the people can still be victorious today. All that is needed is the realisation that their rights are, and have been for the past 105 years, on the brink of destruction and in dire peril.

We were never legally in the EEC OR THE EU. This is evidently fact and is also proven by the two documents that follow:

  • The Kilmuir Letter which can be seen [HERE]
  • Shoe horned into the EU which can be seen [HERE]

Both of these documents were kept hidden away for THIRTY YEARS and meticulously document the Heath administrations Treason, Sedition and Fraud which were used to admit us to the “common market” which later flourished into the European “Union.”

How is Article 61 used?

This law, referred to as Article 61 (or Clause 61) allows each and every individual subject to renounce their presumed allegiance from the treasonous crown in an feudal ceremony known as diffidatio or diffidation whereby you take an oath (as set out in the sixty first clause) to “…distress and distrain [the Crown] in every way they [the people] can…”.

Article 61 says “let anyone in the land who wishes take an oath . . . to distress us [the Crown] as much as he can, and we publicly and freely give anyone leave to take the oath who wishes to take it and we will never prohibit anyone from taking it . . . [and] all those in the land who are unwilling . . . to take an oath . . . to help them to distrain and distress us, we will make them take the oath as aforesaid at our command.”

As Mahatma Gandhi once said;

“You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul.”

We have had the right for sixteen years now to peacefully overthrow the corrupt and tyrannical puppets from presumed power. This means that you are actually constitutionally obliged to cause as much disruption as possible to this “government”. This includes using distraint by seizing buildings, Crown assets and can also include making arrests and policing the corrupt.

All we need is unity.

The cause of Article 61 being invoked?

The reason why Article 61 came back into force in 2001 was to stop the treasonous continuation of illegal and erosive treaties being signed by imposters within parliament. More specifically, to stop the Nice Treaty and Charter of “fundamental rights” from being unlawfully ratified into British law.

The Nice Treaty included and imposed the following:

  1. Article 24 transforms the EU into an independent state with powers to enter into treaties with other states which would then be binding on all member states, subject to agreement determined by Qualified Majority Voting.
  2. Article 23 allows the EU to appoint its own representatives in other countries, effectively with ambassadorial status.
  3. Article 191 assumes for the EU the right to “lay down regulations governing political parties at European level [i.e.: in the EU]” and withdraw or prevent the funding of political parties which do not “contribute to forming a European awareness.” This is a clear restriction of free speech and free political association. It also introduces two particularly abhorrent propositions – taxation without representation and the use of sanctions to suppress public opinion.
  4. Articles 29 and 31 establish common policing and judicial cooperation (“Eurojust”).
  5. Article 67 allows matters of justice and home affairs to be agreed by QMV. These articles open the door to the imposition of Corpus Juris on the UK (article 31 specifically calls for cross-border policing and prosecution, and the removal of conflicts of jurisdiction), and the deployment of armed Europol law enforcement officers on the streets of Britain. These matters were originally dealt with under article 280, which mysteriously disappeared from the draft of the Nice Treaty at the very last minute, in part at least following heavy pressure from British euro-realists.
  6. Article 17 –establishes a common foreign and defence policy for the EU, with its own military force. The House of Commons was told on 11 December 2000, that:

“The entire chain of command must remain under the political control and strategic direction of the EU. NATO will be kept informed”

The Charter of Fundamental Rights (signed at Biarritz, autumn 2000) purports to give the EU the power to abolish them at will in Article 52, effectively making them meaningless. The whole proposition that the state has the right to grant and abolish fundamental human rights [i.e.: those we inherit at birth and hold in trust for future generations] is not only absurd but also contrary to established law which is binding upon parliament such as the Magna Carta, 1215, the Declaration of Rights,1688, and the Bill of Rights 1689 which incorporated the peoples Declaration of Rights 1688. For this reason the EU Charter is Not so very fundamental at all.

The invoking of Article 61

Left to Right-
Ashley Mote, Malcolm Wood, Lord Ashbourne (Signing) and Greg Lance-Watkins

Left to Right-
Ashley Mote, Malcolm Wood, Lord Ashbourne (Signing) and Greg Lance-Watkins

In 1999 a committee of 68 barons had convened to discuss whether or not it was unconstitutional to enter into the EU’s treaty of Nice (France) and to reamplify the illegal implications of the UK’s relationship (past and present) with the European Union.

The evidence proved that it was an act of high treason to enter into such an agreement so they dutifully (according to the correct protocols of British constitutional law) petitioned the crown, demanding that she (QE2) not ratify the Nice treaty.

After their petition was only vaguely replied to and the treaty of Nice was passed into law anyway, the barons committee invoked Article 61 of the 1215 Magna Carta on the 23rd day of March 2001. It has not since been revoked publicly by the barons which means that Britain and the entire commonwealth is in a state of uprising.

Did “brexit” really do anything?

It did nothing but confuse the people more and has singlehandedly divided the country. The highly illegal EU treaties cannot be repealed. They must be declared null and void because they are foreign under British constitutional law. The British people also failed to notice that the UK to EU Military takeover is still underway and with imposter Theresa May’s talk about converting EU law into British law has been made known whilst the purporting Queen has given notice in her 2017 speech that the same EU law will apply after Brexit, it’s obvious that the people, like in 1972, have been duped once again.

The Lisbon Treaty which is also, likewise, a treasonous document which the (non) Government have been trying to invoke (article 50) reintroduces the death penalty for “civil unrest” and “rioting” and “upheaval”.

This is not the only reason “brexit” was just a massive trap. The Bill of Rights 1689, one of the most important statutes in the British Constitution contains the words:

no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have, any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence, or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm.”


An attempt was made prior to the invocation of Article 61 to bring these and other matters (wrongdoings) to court in 1972 by Ross McWhirter of The Freedom Association. He invoked the English Bill of Rights to show that the government did not have authority to give away the right and liberties of the people. He was mysteriously assassinated before the matter was decided.

His brother Norris made a similar attempt to question the legality of the Maastricht Treaty in 1993, whereby he uncovered 8 serious breeches of constitutional law, which they laid before the courts of England and Scotland.

Summonses were issued against the then Foreign Secretary for treason. The Attorney General used a purported power to take over the case and then drop it as “not in the public interest”. Yet the Bill of Rights prohibits “suspending laws or the operation of laws”.

His action was also contrary to natural justice because the Attorney General was sitting in judgement in his own case, “non judex in re sua.”


  1. Why the image of the Ten Commandments on the shield? They have nothing to do with the UK, but were a part of the law given only to the Jews.

  2. I agree we have been betrayed and the Maastricht Treaty is part of it and the great repeal bill is an irrelevance because ALL OF THE eu LAW IS THEREFORE AN irrelevance. The question apart from Share this all over social Media how do we go about exposing this treason and stop this total sham that is going on at the moment.

    • The people are the solution right now, and are our (children’s) only hope.

      What is needed is for real courts of law to be restored and the rule of law reasserted. The so called “courts” of today are not properly convened and constituted Grand Juries, they too were illegally (treasonously) repealed in 1848. Once the treason matter is heard in a constitutional court of law, EVERYTHING will change. Thus we will have a great system of justice once again open for no foreign ruler or imposter to tarnish.

      We today are facing very dangerous times, most people don’t even realise they have a constitution, let alone a remedy for this mess.

      Thank you for leaving a comment. We hope one day the people wake up.

  3. Their goal is power by chaos and it’s happening throughout the world. Each one of us must stand together..
    I am 120% behind you all here.

  4. Why are so many Conservative MPs and members of the House of Lords so obsessively in favour of the EU and termination of the existence of the UK as a country when one would think that they would be natural supporters to the contrary?

    • Firstly because anyone not standing under Article 61 at this time is actually an outlaw, so there are no MPs, Ministers, Parliamentarians, Police etc at this time.

      Secondly, they are all impostors and puppets of the Federalist European Union. The only way our children will have better loves than us is if we ALL stood under Article 61 for the reassertion of constitutional law and the re investment of the rule of law itself.

  5. I have been posting for ever since May was going to bring the ecj law and make it into British law. People of the UK are blind. Was our treasonous MPs go with the traitor May. tHEN WE CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT IT, Unless we all united together and implement Clause 61 of the Magna Carta, and it as to happen soon or May will have a European army here in the UK, to stop any lawful descent arising.

    • Correct. We all need to take our responsibility into our own hands, as we are all each and individually responsible under constitutional law. Everyone must take the Article 61 oath and join the others fighting to end the tyranny. Will you?

  6. I am so pleased I came across this group, it gives me more hope for our salvation against the tyranny we have, and still are suffering from because of the “establishment ” so many people, leaders of our country, including the monarchy betraying us all, and for so long. My eyes have been well and truly opened by all I have read over the past few days and I have to confess the enormity of all the deceit and corruption is staggering. It’s worse than any horror movie, and we’re in the thick of it! I’m disabled and can’t walk but I love my country and would give my life for it. What can I do to help the cause?

    • Because they don’t recognise that britain even has a constitution. Constitutional law hasn’t been taught since the early 50s and put togeather with the fact that they are in it for the money will tell you why they don’t.

        • Hi Graham, thanks for the comment.

          Because we (the people) under Article 61 can lawfully overthrow current impostors within the treasonous regime. Article 61 provides a peaceful solution which is to unify. The law, as it self-evidently describes, orders the people to unify en masse under Royal Command.

          The only way we will ever see change this country back to it’s lawful and constitutional state, is to comply woth the law (which right now is the law)

          They made change in 1688 using the same law so therefore it can still be sucessfully used today. All that is needed is the word is shared.

          The prime objective of this Campaign is to bring the treason matter committed since at least 1848 (which includes the illegal repealing of Grand Juries, the 1911 Parliament ‘Act’ and illegal theft of the Royal Prerogative, and the highly illegal entrance into the “common market” in 1973) into a properly convened court de jure. This is a court of law with a jury that abides ONLY by the constitutional laws of the land (legem terrae). Right now there’s no courts. When that happens, EVERYTHING will change. The Rule of Law and Constitution will be restored fully and no one will ever be denied their anciemt birthrights again.

          As Alistair MacDonald QC, Chairman of the Bar Council of England and Wales similarly states on the subject in an issue of The Barrister (page 3, pa, 25):

          “the principles enshrined in Magna Carta are as important today as they were in 1215. It is a terrible irony that, as we celebrate Magna Carta, it is being undermined by an executive which pays lip service to its principles. If the legacy of Magna Carta is to last another 800 years, it requires everyone with a sense of history and an understanding of the critical importance of the rule of law to our society to stand up and fight for it. The liberties conferred by this great document were hard won. We owe it to posterity to ensure that they are not lost in our time.”

    • the solicitors/lawyers/barristers and QCs are all paid by this fraud…the constitution has become a secondary consideration after fraud /deception and treason by those who are NOT government except where they will argue “its the will of the people” but NOT by lawful constitutional process and hence they get away with treason at every turn

      • I have always believed that this treason is going on, and why our charter has never had any affect over the years, I am 100% behind this cause. Lawful Constitution has always been the backbone of Britain and we must never lose it,

  7. I’was born in England and moved to Australia 1970 I have a current British passport can the same laws in the Magna Carta be used in courts in Australia and can I youse article 61 to fight for the same rights here Australia as in Britain

    • Well, Article 63, I am sure, will clear that up for you:

      “IT IS ACCORDINGLY OUR WISH AND COMMAND . . . that men in our kingdom shall have and keep all these liberties, rights, and concessions, well and peaceably in their fullness and entirety for them and their heirs, of us and our heirs, in all things and **all places** for ever.”

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