I believe we can learn a lot from how people choose to represent themselves….

On a basic level we all use things we buy or possess to display our various interests or dislikes through displays of radical colour choices or exaggerated versions of everyday things like extreme piercings or just a Hawaiian shirt 🙂

But what about when we want to represent our opinions on humanity? The first paragraph of this article has already betrayed me and by my own choice of words I have, subconsciously, let slip my own personal preferences and even a clue to what stimulates me!! Continuing in the same vein my own choice of analysis opens me up to the same scrutiny and there is nothing I or anybody else can do about it other than shutting up shop and going home alone…..Erm, no thanks, Article 61. Pld is open for business and packed with very savvy customers who know there way around the shop.

For my own opinion on humanity I’ve chosen to fly the flag of Magna Carta 1215. I choose to visually present my Facebook profile with a minted coin depicting evil king John, with the Barons beside him. This should tell you plenty about me from the moment you come into contact with me. Look a little further and you will see I belong to a group called Practical Lawful Dissent, and you will see I’m very proud of it too. Over the last year the group has shown amazing unity and resilience in the face of the most unlawful antics committed by the very people we wish to help. But still this incredibly honourable group has shown faith in the fact that some are just following orders and mercy and forgiveness is a virtue to behold. The members who actually last are generally the ones who understand that this is about something divine, an unwritten code of conduct between ALL humans. fortunately for our generation, and our country, we have been through enough wars to know that, for some, it needed codifying into documents. For those who didn’t quite get it, or wanted to tweak and change it for their own benefit, for those people(we all know someone like this) we had to literally spell it out for them. Shit we even put in an emergency clause in case people were foolish enough to let the madness go on for too long….

But that’s enough about what I believe in. I have given you the tools to pick apart me and the group I represent, if you didn’t have them already. I’ve yet to hear a single coherent argument against PLD and in particular David Robinson. Unfortunately David has become a target for trolls who claim that David see’s his version of Magna Carta as his own…. I know David personally and I can assure anyone, who has taken this bullshit for gospel without looking for themselves, that David, nor any other honourable member of the group, has any claim of supremacy when it comes to how we use Magna Carta. We use it to the letter and do not wish to add to it or change it.

So my penance has been paid in advance and now it’s my turn to conspire with the subconscious of the enemy and reveal the inner meaning of its presentation. As the title purposely declares my enemy for now is the group who have decided to illustrate there instinctive nature by way of a WHITE DRAGON profile picture….I intend to give the instigator of this ‘badge of honour’ very little attention other that to confirm his name, Graham Moore. I will state that this man openly supports a person who has been confirmed to be the very ‘sort’ who they apparently fight against…..(Tommy, need I say more, Robinson) With that FACT in mind, I’m amazed that I have been compelled to write this article. But it seems this saboteur has the unique ability, just like his chum Tommy, to gain a large following and huge sums of money, to support what must be a complicated propaganda machine, all in a very short space of time….oh and funny how Graham came along just as Tommy was being FOUND OUT…..

So lets analyse the symbol chosen to represent Grahams version of our laws and humanity. A simple image of a white dragon over a black background. Well were do I start, I mean I’m spoilt for choice really. Do I go for the easy picking and suggest that, coupled with the problems this group likes to highlight, the colours chosen are a simple right wing display of white supremacy… Or maybe lets look at what kind of person chooses a Dragon as a representation of their beliefs. What is a dragon..? well its a mythical creature that we have no evidence of its existence. But lets assume that the group would like us to ignore that and look at what a Dragon represents? OK…Wales would be the first thing that pops to mind, then things like wild beast or enemy of Saint Christopher. The only positive connotations I can find with Dragons is that they guard Castles…… but that is weak as they guard them for evil forces and usually cock-blocking a valiant Knight in the process! So from the instant I am confused as to what the ethics are for this seemingly large group, a dragon……?

To carry on this quest for meaning I am, assumedly, supposed to just ignore the aggressive shop front. So lets go inside and meet the staff to see if we can ascertain as to what this groups agenda truly is. At this point I must admit that I don’t come here often, as far as I am aware the 2 people that are held in the spotlight, for people to see as an example, are Graham Moor and Tommy ‘the mole’ Robinson. Hmmm, what do Tommy and Graham have in common……that’s a tough one(for the benefit of the purist white Dragon fan, I’m wearing my sarcastic face) They both promote hate for a very specific part of the problem, all while taking money and support from people who commit exactly the same crimes and also do a lot worse. But when the Peedo or Murderer is the same colour as them they not only want you to forget the crimes of HIS peers but they also want you to hold them as a brother, working together like the Fritzel family. One big happy family, nothing to see here, move along please. HAHA!

In the interest of fair play I’m going to take a moment to mention the valid points made by this group( do they even have a name?) Sharia Law should not be allowed in this country and under our constitution neither should a Mosque, but please remember that even after the most savage holy wars the Muslim victors allowed Christian Churches to remain on there lands. Sharia Law is not supported by PLD(practical lawful dissent) but we consider it a auxiliary problem, in Britain, on the larger scale of things. Unlike Graham and his most hardened headed follower we are able to admit that it is OUR OWN who have fostered this problem.

Lawful Rebellion will address this issue but not while that would mean working with the support of the very people who create the divisions and base level fears that the White Dragon, un-wittingly or not, promotes.

PLD are after the Boss not his attack dog…

Muslims come in all shapes and sizes just like you, please don’t be lead a stray by this group and the minute section of the problem it chooses to highlight.

To continue we must evolve into a better version of what was. People are waking up and we can all feel it now. But the question is, what path will people choose to take…..? Do we follow the path most trodden and strive for what can only be described as genocide.

But at least ask your self how a ‘man’ can claim to stand under Article 61 and then WILLINGLY submit to enter a corporate run caught of non-law….? How can a court make a judgement on its own criminal actions. And what if it rules against you Graham?? What will you tell your followers?? Jack Shit, because my bet is you will disappear as quickly as you appeared.

WHITE DRAGONS please do not be too proud to admit you have been led off the true path by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If you go into my facebook history about 2 or 3 years you will see posts I made, ranting about how the Syrian migration was a conspiracy to invade England. I actually thought we were going to war with all of the REPORTED ‘working age males'(remember that phrase?)flooding to our shores. One of my post even said something along the line of, ‘ROAR LIKE A LION AND LET THE BLOOD OF WARRIORS FLOW’ or some ignorant shit like that. I lost a lot of friends that year but ill never delete those post as humility is a must if you want to evolve.

To live in true freedom you must embrace your mistakes.

Like the mythical Dragon you display, your beliefs are man-made, but that does not mean you cant change your beliefs and remain honourable.

Please join PLD and stand in honour against ALL FORMS of depravation and crime committed by anyone on our shores.


written by Rebel-Dan


  1. I have to agree I to like the the rule of law, but why are they pointing the cause of all these problems at Muslims ? Isn’t it the treasonouse behaviour in our government that has got us to where we are now, I have pointed out to Graham many times, about who the true enemy is, and as for Tommy Robinson say no more, I believe their is good and bad everywhere, but we are run by criminal, I would be happy to drop the white dragon, and move on to the rule of law for all,

  2. Hi Glyn, thanks for the support. its good to hear that folk can see through this hijack. I may have over stepped a little by referring to the group as “the enemy” but I write with emotion and sometimes that causes the odd exageration. Im sure some of the White Dragons mean well but this is a reaction based on fear and the manipulation of that fear by a individual who knows exactly what he is doing. His plan is so basic in the sense of what he would do if succesful….? You cant do a deal with the devil and uphold common law at the same time. the fact that this guy has so much support shows how some are happy to accept what they are told without researching for themselves..

  3. Hi my own Facebook I’d is the dragon which I used in recognition of the dragons because they seemed to be the only group actually doing something at the time. The problem is no one seems to follow up anything, they pulled a couple of stunts (citizens arrest of Sadiq Khan) but nothing came of it. Seems they are just happy with the publicity but we need action. I believe a lot of our leaders have committed treason but what can we do. If the Barons get ignored by the Queen whats left apart from civil unrest. I would like to join your group but you need more publicity as I’ve just come across you by default.

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