Silicone Valley of Death

September 11, 2017 Dan 0

There are moments in history that have been very well documented and usually for very good reason. These Historical judgements tend to be edited as […]

So far since Brexit(rap)

August 17, 2017 DTD UK 15

“It is disappointing that UK representatives agreed to so many separate EU military plans even after the country voted to leave the EU.” – Major-General Julian Thompson

The Validity of the Magna Carta 1215

June 4, 2017 DTD UK 4

Why wasn’t the 1297 Act of Parliament Magna Carta celebrated in 1997? Furthermore, why wasn’t the 1217 version celebrated this year? (2017) Why is the only version being celebrated the original reaffirmation of the charter of liberties, the peace treaty, Magna Carta 1215?