I See Dead People by Daniel Daykin

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Every year I look forward to the swallows returning for the summer. I love to watch them group together in the air as they unknowingly perform a mesmerising dance. One of my favourite things to chill out to is Vaughn Williams Skylark Ascending“.  I used to think these joyful birds were having a big game of Ariel dobby, in the late summer nights. This was all very magical until I realised the rather more obvious and disappointing reason for their sky dance. This synchronised acrobatic display was simply done out of necessity. Something so beautifully orchestrated it could only come from the purest form of nature. These basic creatures have evolved to a point where their species instinctively know  that working together will ensure enough food for their survival. Now im not saying they couldn’t survive in a more solitary lifestyle, working alone or as a parental team, like many other birds do. I’m just offering the assumption that this species have learned, through centuries of trial and error, that although they may not need each other for most of the elements required to ensure their survival. They do need each other  for the better chance of feeding themselves and the kids who haven’t flown the nest yet. They have enlightened themselves enough to know that working together for this one task keeps them alive. All while keeping the delicate balance of the eco-system around them safe for the next generation, not bad for a bird with a brain the size of a grape.

Through my more recent years I’ve learned study things for myself and come to my own conclusions about many things in life. Just watching nature in action all around you can give you a wonderful perspective of how simple things should be. Taking it in and actually feeling the connection you have to all living things around you is a talent I’m trying to re-connect with (A great inspirational speaker named Eckart Tolle is a must for people who find it hard to slow down and smell the roses) and I have to say my success in “living in the now” still depends on me having my essential morning cuppa tea(2 sugars and plenty of milk)   but Once Ive had my wonder-brew, im a rational thinking human being, a self employed “grease monkey” with a big shiny axe to grind…I think it a rational theory that the human species has become out of balance within the community of Mother Earth. We no longer sit well with nature and many would argue that we never have. But I’m not here to argue…. As much as I speak out about the systemic corruption in the world I actually hate confrontation. I think my adrenalin gland just says “screw it, have the lot youth” and then Its normally system overload followed by a mutated version of what I wanted to say or do. But for this cause I feel compelled to wake people up from their suicidal slumber. As we are tied together by Nature we are tied together by our actions and what we choose to do, or more importantly not do…. 

A lot of you will know how frustrating it is when people will not take a single moment to even look at the facts you present to them about the many wrongs of the world today. And trying to get your Family to listen, OMG!! that can be like talking to your Nemesis… But if you’re anything like me you keep banging the drum, because you love them the most and want to protect them. Now my Mum has almost perfected the sentence “There is nothing you can do, it is what it is” and Ive finally seen a nugget of truth in what she is saying. I look around and see how busy and overwhelmed people are with the world they live in. The stories of endless abuse and crimes of the state are so relentless its now impossible for most to get their heads around it all, let alone believe it. So the majority will probably acknowledge that there is something wrong in the world and that humans are a threat to the eco-system. Maybe they go a little further and denounce those dastardly bankers for all their greed. Ive even heard my mum talk of rotten politicians ruining the NHS! But unfortunately few dare to tread further into the mine-field of corruption and those that go too far into no-mans land evidently get burned. Anyone who does manage to find a det-cord of scandal has to be very quick in sounding the alarm as “the man” is always watching and definitely not afraid to make an example out of any brave rebel soldier. Now I give my respects to anyone taking on the thankless task of denouncing the deception. We come in all shapes and colours and some pick up on a scandal that turns out to be a booby trap. But credit to the blood that runs through our veins, we too are relentless, regardless of our size we will fight to the death. Our government know this too and have started to put things in place to limit our ability to grow. 

Other than a handful of dedicated truth seekers, who sacrifice so much for so little. Who often reclaim nothing other than their honour. Other than these brave souls, it appears most will never take up the fight against our common enemy, until it is too late. They are so deeply engrossed in the rat-race, they don’t have time to even wonder why the trails in the sky are spreading like drops of paint spreading through clear water. They haven’t gone far enough into no-mans land to believe such a conspiracy. The specially selected rotten truths that the main stream news has fed them have done enough to subdue its target with fear and hopelessness and now these beaten souls would just rather weld shut Pandora‘s Box. Or worse still, some well meaning folk arm themselves with weapons of hate because they have been unwittingly misinformed, by an enemy disguised as a friend. Divide and conquer has been used to perfection and if it carries on my mum will be proved right and there truly will be nothing we can do! These apathetic shadows, sectarian philistines and inner party members are going to lead us off the cliff, smiling and singing the EU national anthem, with Ariana Grande on lead vocal probably. 

So why don’t I just shut up shop and live a happy life, earn my corn and take the odd holiday here and there with my family. Why don’t I just fend for myself and draw new boarders, what kind of liberty am I fighting for anyway?  I could be a lonely swallow and move away from the safety of my natural law. Join the rest of  the damned in a sedated march to our own genocide. Well this is where the wisdom lies in those defeated words, repeated by my mum and so many others. I am 37 years old and I’m going to group myself with anyone over 15 years old( and that’s being generous ) boy or girl who has lived in Britain all their life. I’m going to use myself as an example… for 37 years I have been drinking water, water that has a deadly secret. As if it wasn’t bad enough to have arsenic, Lead and many other lethal toxins in our water. Our government allows mining companies to off-load their by-product by dumping it in our water supply. These chemicals in their separate forms are classed as highly toxic but when mixed together they form a synthetic,  fluoride. This witches brew is then added to our drinking water. Mmmmm yes more of that please Prime Minister.. Now its your choice weather to believe if this is for our health or for the profit and convenience of the mining company to which this raw toxic by-product belongs. Nevertheless I have been drinking it long enough for the poisons to do damage. Hey! I’m no punk and I’m not going down that easy. But on top of that I’m getting updates, like a teenagers twitter account, about how food and drinks are now being reported as having terrible effects due to the chemicals added to them in the name of cost-cutting by the share holders and our MPs playing devils advocate.  

So what about the things I’ve been eating for the last 3 and a half decades….Well to put it bluntly, Ted Bundy would be shocked at what we do to our livestock. The lovely piece of meat on my plate has more steroids in it than Lance Armstrong and the feed that has been fattening these beasts before slaughter is no better and don’t forget, all washed down with poisoned water. Furthermore, please don’t let it escape you that none of the poisons added to our food and drink are done so illegally. Our government not only permit it but also earn a profit from it in one way or another. The fact I’m still functioning well is testament to the resilience of the human body. I mean come on, my food is poisoned and so too is my drink and I still stand here screaming fuck the new world order! 

But it doesn’t stop there my fellow inmates, death rows has many poisons. Look up in the sky on a sunny day and you will be sure to see a big X in the sky made by airoplanes all over the upper atmosphere. This then proceeds to  spread uncontrollably and infiltrates our delicately balanced eco-system. Again for reasons only just coming to the attention of the common man, our government have been spraying our skies with a toxic mixtures for many years and for many different reasons, with some tragic consequences.  Have you noticed the difference in humidity on a hot summer day after the skies have been sprayed? Its almost as if the heat is trapped or maybe even reflected back at us. Compare that to a lucky day when the sun is shining and the sky is blue and see for yourself, its just like being abroad, ish…. But lets at least get a few things absolutely crystal. 

1. Nobody can deny planes are leaving trails of chemicals that coat the entire sky above them. 

2. Nobody can deny that Chemtrails appear randomly or as I would rather put it, at will. 

3 Our sky has been used as a weapon.

4. We are ingesting what ever they are spraying and the effects are alarming

 Yet even with these  suspicious facts in the bank nobody says a damn thing and some even have the ignorance to quote the party line at you! Haha CONtrails my arse!  The moment our government released the lovely news that we would most likely die from Alzheimer we should have been reaching for the gas masks!  Perhaps the Chinese aren’t as mad as they look, walking around like doctors on call. But like dear old Mum say “ what’s the point, it is what it is”. Me going out and buying a quarantine chamber would have just the same effect on my health as voting for the Green Party in the next fake (s)election. 

The fact that the rich have gotten richer, is just a side note to this James Bond style conspiracy. We have been rounded up and  placed in a gas chamber. Fuck, the EU is a political extension of the former Nazi party and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was they who came up with the idea to poison us all. Someone or something, looking at our society from afar would surely conclude that our governments are purposely murdering its citizens or at the least they are selling our health to either quench their greed or pay of the Bankers ridiculous interest payments, that help keep us all in check.

All of this poisoning business is all well and good and although its killing or zombiefying us all slowly through Cancer, Birth Control, Heart disease, autism, ADHD and Alzheimer’s, its just not fast enough!!! Don’t get me wrong, the elite would have taken great pleasure in watching us all die of horrible degenerating diseases, if only they could have carried on secretly poisoning us all, we might have lived long enough to see a revolution…

But their own creation, the Internet, has helped educate enough people now that these Right Honourable murderers haven’t got time to wait. They know if they wait too long we are going to rise up against them and tear down the gates of  Westminster. 

The cat is almost out of the bag, and they probably knew about this long before we ever did…

In response to the imminent awakening and possible revolution of mankind our oppressors are hoping to close down our paths to the truth once and for all. They are throwing all their chips on the table and going for broke! The global maniacs in charge have NOT YET decided who amongst themselves is ALFA. Surprisingly, even these fiendish souls hate hard work. So to allow them more time and avoid the victor having to clean up and start from scratch after WW3. They are giving it one last hard push to secure our permanent slavery. If  I were to go into the plan they have to control us by pre-emptive judgements, digital cash/Tax grid,  reward credits for being a good citizen, and repeated attempts to repeal our Constitution, this report would go on forever and if  you have been hearing me then you’ll know we haven’t got that long..

To justify this psychopathic plan to the less brainwashed party members and to help us find resolution in all of the death that surrounds us, our leaders and other top dogs of the social chain have come up with the simple excuse there are just too many of us on the planet and for “the greater good” of mankind our number needs to be reduced by a mere 95%!!!! Down to the golden figure of 500,000,000. This horrific “future echo” being casually spoken of by the likes of Prince Phillip, Billionaire media king and Bilderberg attendee Ted Turner and probably many more behind the scenes. Although they don’t always stay quiet about this false flag horizon..

But if the theory of over-population is bullshit, which it most certainly is, then why do they want to get rid of so many of us? One word, AUTOMATION…Eventually almost all manual work will be automated and they aren’t going to support millions of people with no way of earning money. Now these psychopaths believe that THEY have the right to manipulate society to fit their own image…  So you see why they would want to cull the human race down to a very select group and if your not part of the Bloodline then you ain’t getting in….unless they take you as a slave maybe.

So Gladio B has been brought into effect by the desperadoes at the top and for the last Decade or more our rulers have been setting the stage for a fire sale of the human race. They have kept the stove of hatred and segregation very warm in case the poison fruits of “plan A” failed to work for whatever reason. Now not able to watch the directors cut version of mankind’s snuff movie has really pissed off the Elite. How dare we interrupt their plans, us plebs…So they have gone for a more dramatic style of keeping the dissenters quiet.  Of coarse you should know by now that these people are sick and twisted. They don’t just want to hide in a bunker, wipe us all out, and return when the dust settles. They first of all want us to build the automated city for them  and then when the new world is built, I imagine, they will have a sacrificial ceremony in the form of riots and if all else fails, Nuclear holocaust, yaaay!! 

For the benefit of our sanity I will bring this morbid article to a happy end. Like the Beautiful birds I mentioned at the beginning of this article. We need to uphold the lessons learned through our mistakes and covet our natural laws as they are guardian to every species on the planet. 

Our ever increasing awareness of how corruption and evil are never far away has lead the battle-hardened citizens of this nation to be the first ever to codify their “Common law of the land” into a constitutional document. Over the last 850 years our ancestors have sacrificed life and limb to uphold and support its standing in law.

Every time the common man/woman have been backed into a corner and been given nowhere to go we have always come out swinging, like Nigel Benn we are Dark Destroyers! 

We must realise that this time is different for 2 reasons. 

Firstly, We are beyond being point game. We have been poisoned slowly by Air, Water, food, vaccines and corruption of the soul. We’ve been “ Cranked “ and given the deadly Chinese shit! So lets go Jason Statham on all of the corrupt whores who have betrayed the Human Race. We truly have nothing to lose, we are already dead and Alzheimer’s is on the menu. Well no thanks Pal! Servitude is just not my style.

Secondly, it is a well believed theory that as a species intellect increases, their desire for the use of violence decreases. But instead, violence appears to be spiraling out of control and It is only because we have allowed psychopaths to get into positions of wealth and power and build a world in their image…never before has the human race had a peaceful revolution but never before have the Plebs been this educated about Global events, Social Oppression’s and for the first time many of us have the real Terrorists in our sights, the E-fit of the Treasonous King Pins is out and the Lawful Rebels are getting the word out! We have found the weak link and we can educate the masses on how expose this weak link and finally break the chain of slavery. 

We have the Truth, the power and a peaceful remedy that is in need of Re-affirming!

Everything is in place all you need to do is stand with us and stand united under the highest power in the land today, MAGNA CARTA 1215 ARTICLE 61.

I’m hoping that you now understand, like me, that we are the lost generationS. We are doomed by our own good will and ignorance. We are the walking dead. For the majority of us we will spend most of our lives at work, away from our loved ones and all to earn somebody else’s fortune. We will pay tax, in good faith, and it’ll be spent on wars and globalization. Don’t let them turn us against each other and remember 

You are already dead, you have very little to lose but so much to gain….

WRITTEN BY   Rebel Dan 


  1. Thank you Robert, Ive tried to give the reader all the sources ive used to gather this conclusion together and there is always a way out of this as long as you can keep level headed. the whole idea of society today is to keep us confused through a bombardment on every one of our senses. Putting info together in this way helps me to live relatively happy in the knowledge that there is a good reason why I dont fit in with todays world and it isnt my fault. I no longer feel like one of lifes failures and im am almost immune to the systematic depression used by the elite to remove the morale of the people.
    keep spreading the light bro! peace love and honour

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