The Real Manchester Bombers on Camera!!

June 12, 2017 Dan 0 Show notes   American intel. Alleged bomber’s fathers  Manchester Attack as MI6 Blowback? New York Times informed by 2 deep state sources. […]

Is voting right now a Treasonable offence?

June 7, 2017 DTD UK 2

There has always been a feeling of doubt amoungst the public as to whether or not voting will make any difference. It is often thought that casting your vote in this day and age won’t make any difiference at all, and that it would at least be legal. 

The TRUTH about the ‘EU’ and the ‘EURO’

June 6, 2017 DTD UK 0

Everyone involved with the creation of the Euro knew that the new currency was fatally flawed. The aim was to use the Euro to force through a political union, against the will of the European people and in spite of the massive, inevitable cost in terms of unemployment and hardship.

The Validity of the Magna Carta 1215

June 4, 2017 DTD UK 4

Why wasn’t the 1297 Act of Parliament Magna Carta celebrated in 1997? Furthermore, why wasn’t the 1217 version celebrated this year? (2017) Why is the only version being celebrated the original reaffirmation of the charter of liberties, the peace treaty, Magna Carta 1215?

Magna Carta: Scotland’s Connection.

June 1, 2017 DTD UK 0

“…that the Laws which concern publick Right, Policy, and Civil Government, maybe made the same throughout the whole United Kingdom; but that no Alteration be made in Laws which concern private Right, except for evident Utility of the Subjects within Scotland.”