Why should we uphold Common Law?

What is Law to a human being?

Laws are simply rules naturally agreed upon by of a community of people to which that law applies.

A law is also difined by its punishment and this has always been. Even before law books were written people were happy to accept that if you disobey God you will go to Hell…. Britain in modern times have agreed upon a set of punishments that if administered consistantly and without corruption would help keep the balance of law and order in the community.

So where does this instinct originate from?  How deep do the foundations, to our pillars of law, go? And who laid the first brick of Law….? Parliament maybe? Magna Carta 1215? Europe, with our Anglo Saxon forefarthers? The Normans? I know! Its the Vikings?! Greek philosophers…..? Ureka! Its the 10 Commandments!!!! Surely?!!

Well they are all close, some more than others. Some of them try their hardest to convince us that THEY are the enlightened one, the Demi-God or Even THE ACTUAL CREATOR…… These people would like you to believe it is their master who is the creator of the rules and punishments that we have agreed to obey, suffer and administer. And all because it is the will of a higher being…. I do not agree. Man is as free as a bird in its natural state and would still live peacefully without a belief structure so natural laws must come from something more organic. My reason for this belief comes from the observation that if we have different Religions and Faiths and they have different languages but still have basic laws similar to all on earth then Law cannot come from God, Government or any other elected guardian. They mearly interpret and uphold their own branch of the law. The root of law must therefor go deeper and to find this we have to find the common element. The common element is Humanity, us, people, human beings! The people who agreed on the principles of any culture have always Human Beings, not Gods or Aliens. Just plain old Humans of every faith, known or unknown. I’ll give you an example. Their are unknknown tribes who have never come into contact with any outside influence. But I would bet my largest “nosebone” and matching neck stretcher that those half naked, floppy lipped people still have a rule of law similar to our own. I CAN imagine however, that if anyone, in or outside of the tribe, ever tried to steal Chief Sitting Bull’s favourite “nosebone” and matching neck stretcher. Then that foolish person, if caught, would have to face a certain set of consequences. And those consequences would be the same for all tribemen/women regardless of rank. The same too would apply to anyone from outside of the tribe, and although foriegn he/she would face the “law of the Land”

If I am wrong, then are we to believe that these people, just because they have no books of law, wake up every morning with an instictive urge to kill, harm and betray one another?  If so we too used to be a savage uncontrollable race?  All until some enlightened soul told us how to act?   I dont buy that one, do you…?

 I am equal to every other living thing, I am soveriegn, and so too are you…

Nobody is above or below me…

After thinking about what this all means in the realm of Law I see a core principle that always has to be obeyed. Any law in any land must be able to transend external human factors like religion, rank, colour, language and time. If you look at a law and ask this question, you can reveal its origin. If it doesn’t transend then it must be man-made and not a natural law.

If a law can be instinctively obeyed by any human on the planet then it has to be a Natural Law or Common Law. These are instinctive laws of the human species.

I conclude that law is not made by any man or woman of this earth. True human law is our born instinct of right and wrong. An instinct itself based on the certain sub-conscious knowlegde. Lets say a caveman, who cannot talk, offends another caveman from the community, or worse his cave lady!! How does caveman “Ug” know that leaving the toilet seat up was wrong? But what if Ug stole another caveladies Baby, to raise as his own? A crime of the most serious nature. Ug would not need a law book to know this difference as he would instictively know that the consequences would be grave for what he had done. Now its important to note, that even in todays modern world, millions of years apart from Ug, the punishment for this most serious of crimes would be the same today. You and I would want the same punishment for anyone who tried to steal our Children. So you see both the defence and the crime itself obey the law of transcendance. Any human on the planet of any century would uphold these common laws.

You see Ug didn’t have a policeman to go to or a law book to see if a law had been broken. If a crime had been committed the caveman would feel fear or pain, a level of deppression or just a sense of unjust oppression. The person committing the crime would feel a respective level of guilt. Which therefor indicates that he instinctively knew beforehand that what he was going to do was wrong and if caught he would naturally except the appropriate response from the defendant.

Appropriate defence to a crime relies on many things ie the level of offence caused, previous reactions to similar breaches of the peace or maybe even facilities available to the defendant that offer justice. Many of our common law methods of redress have been formed by trial and error. But any riteous form of justice will have stood the test of time and still be agreed upon today, with little difference to its historical parents. We do not have trial by torture anymore as it is not natural and does not transend through time( although there are a few witches I would like to see being dunked…). So the principle of transcendance holds firm as any punishment that changes through time cannot be natural to us and must change until it finds its natural form. Lets go back to Caveman Ug. If Ug has something stolen from him by Caveman Og. Now unfortunately for Ug, Og happens to be built like a clay shit house…so our friend Ug cannot act in a violent way towards Og, in retribution for Ogs Common law crime of Theft, as Ug is well aware he would get a bigger beating than Rodney King if he was to physically challenge the thief. So the jaded Ug has to look for a more peaceful form of justice. One that transcends size and aggression. A form of justice that any human can gain protection from. Ug rejects the future company of Og and the others in tbe group, having seen whag happened, act likewise. As this form of defence transcends all of the external elements of life and can be expected and administered by anyone it is a Natural Law and should be upheld and protected like all other Common Laws. These Natural Laws are so powerful they are binding over every God, Messiah, Diety, Warlord, Pope and minister their is not a soul in the world or the heavens who is above these Laws of Nature. Laws that naturally flow through us all. 

Common Law crimes are simple to distinguish and few in number. They are made that way to protect their integrity and so everyone can understand and abide by the Law of the land. We have to consent to a law for it to be valid and if we have a million laws then how can we abide by them all.

“In British common Law, for a crime to be committed there must be a Victim”

Common Law is simple to abide by and if built upon honourably can be an awesone weapon to uphold peace. I myself will only adhere to the 4 common laws. 1. Do not Steal. 2.Do not cause damage or harm to others 3. Do not decieve thy neighbour 4. Do not cause a breach of the peace. This is because our Common Law system has been intentionally poisoned by European Law or Civil Law and as our constitution forbids foriegn rulers unless through “trial by battle”(still law today) For that reason and to protect our common Law i am duty bound to reject this un-natural Law.

“An eye for an eye would leave the world blind” a little old guy with a bald head said that and he was damn right too as that defence does not transcend. This leaves only peaceful remedies of justice and if the world was pure then it would be this simple. There is however a scenario that does allow violence to transend the barrier and become a natural defence accepted in common law as justified. If the crime is serious enough to make all who come into contact with it recoil in horror. For eg war crimes would be, in the right circumstances, enough of a catalyst to ignite a flames of revollution and once that is done then it matters not how big your enemy is. You have the wrath of the community behind you and the power of Nature’s Law to right this exeptional wrong doing. All revollutions have come after dictators have pushed too far and subsequently ignited that un-stoppable force of Nature that no longer manifests itself in one man but in a whole community of people. The balance then tips back towards peace. 

So even collective justice can be carried out within the boundaries of transcendance and be a tool for peace but everything has its opposite and collective justice can be used for evil means too. To riot against a religion or to carry out a military quo for political gains would not be a Natural or Common defence so therefore you should never assosiate with or promote this kind of activity, as it ultimately leads to your doom. If Common Law is obeyed then this unatural form of justice would never have the collective power to prevail as all others on earth would protect their Natural Laws by stopping such corruption.

In a perfect world corruption and dishonour would be made to smoke a large cigar whilst standing on a ladder in the middle of no-mans land. Revealed to both armies as nothing else but an enemy and made to face a common, fear induced reaction from all sides. In contrast, whistle blowers would be hailed as saviours and made celebrities thanks to their loyalty to uphold Natures balancing act. Corruption and greed would be weeded out at the first instance. The accused would be dealt with accordingly. Any effort to infect a society with immoral practice would be met by a society sized reaction and all trivial matters would hopefully be dealt with in a reflective way. In all cases this should leave no trail of guilt or remorse.

If a society was to protect its Common Law then the people within that society would prosper. They would be free to practice any religion or faith of their choosing. Negative human traits like greed and control would not be allowed to flourish as they would offend the Law of the land.

If common law is upheld then corruption has nowhere to hide.

By upholding Common law you are also protected by it.

So what has gone wrong….? Some would say money and others would say religion. What took us from natural animal to hoarder of treasure? The answer is unspectacular and rather depressing but also very obvious. We have become bewitched into believing property has real value and that profit is justified as reward. If you feel this is true and your ok with that then I would have to ask who benefits from this system and by how much as it seems our current social structure of capitalism has a drastic flaw. Nothing in nature continues to grow infinitely. If a community has to increase its property year after year to survive then it is fated to either starve or eventually turn on themselves until there is nothing left. Humanity either resets itself in a more natural way or it vanishes forever. Being remembered only by the stars as a poor effort in the quest to understand the universe.

True peace for mankind cannot be achieved by un-natural ways. Our current government is trying to achieve “peace” through unjust wars. This is the common law crime of murder and the people of the world know this. So this evil quest will never result in peace. Its un-natural and definitely doen not transcend. But at present the propoganda is strong and this has created a false sense of community justice against a whole religion. You can feel the fear amongst the public and this has been intentionally injected into our society to create racial hatred and keep us separated. The people of Britain are being backed onto the edge of the white cliffs of Dover, by an enemy that keeps changing nationality. Most of us dont know the facts and as a result have lashed out at the first enemy presented to us and then we attack the next enemy presented to us and then the next.. but the real crooks have used there waited dice too many times and now they’ve been rumbled! The people know the truth!! 

Most people I speak to are aware of the lies and corruption that is rotting society to the core. They see that “peace” stands for obedience and that equality actually means having very little( If it is the majority who have very little then that is equality, on a certain level of thinking). So as the chatter of frustration towards our elected leaders grows like a bonfire on the run up to Guy Fawkes night. Every terrorist allowed to kill on our streets adds another splinter of revolt to the proverbial bonfire of revolution. For every child abuse cover up a gallon of petrol is poured around the base. Now all it takes is one tiny spark. But it will be a collective notion to light the fire and when that happens it will be justified and awesome. It will burn bright for all the would-be dictators to see and the longer we keep this fire burning the longer we will live in the light. 

How have we been lead into the Matrix?

So what is our generations axe of redemption? How do we fight such a formiddable foe as our own government? Well to understand this you must realise what has been done in the past to protect our Common Law of the land and also understand how our government has managed to remove our Common Law.

Over the last 1000 years certain events and dictators have swung the pendelum of  natural law and man-made law from good to bad. A particularly nasty man named king John, stirred up a revolt so bad that the people of that time (1215) forced their king to either face exile or sign a contract that protects the natural birth rights of every man, woman and child inside of the realm. Alot of what is in the Magna Carta1215 is not relevant today but the core principles have more relevance today than the day the wax was stamped.

I would say that the parts of the Magna Carta1215 that hold weight today, do so because they obey the laws of transcendance and those that don’t obey have vanished from the law books

There are parts of the Magna Carta1215 that are crucial to the survival of Common Law. The barons knew of the perpetual war between good and evil. They knew that this contract would be assasinated if they didn’t secure its future somehow…

The first written interpretation of Nature’s Law must be secured in time.

Certain terms and clauses were added to galvanize its status in Law forever and other revolts in the last 800 years have ended with similar Treaties being signed, like the “bill of rights” and the “settlements act”. 

“Magna Carta is so powerful he will have no soveriegn”

The reason the Magna Carta is different is it preceeded parliament by 50 years. Magna Carta is a contract between the crown and the people. It has no tie to parliament so therefor parliament do not have the right to repeal any of its content( as they have tried to do with a surprising amount of success ). 

TREASON – the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government.

Our government is now a corporation. We are employees of a national buisness who earn our employer lots of money. The government over the last 150 years have carried out acts of treason to increase their property and to give them an advantage by changing our laws and justice system to a European style of Roman and Civil Law (some would call is corporate Law). 

This is there undoing…..

By Changing and removing our constitutional law our government have had to Knowingly commit Treason. They have literally risked there lives for money but the greed has now consumed their soul and they have gotten sloppy. The once secret Fabian Society is now a well known black mark in the public footnotes for ex PM, Tony Blair. Although the old Fabian emblem of a wolf in sheeps clothing has gone and been replaced by a friendly turtle. The agenda remains the same. To change somthing from within, slowly and covertly.

Thank you Tony Blair???!!

The most honourable Tony Blair wasn’t just spending his time in Downing street working out how to remove the Treason act, or how to carry out acts of genocide on farmers in the Middle east. He was also busy pissing Brits off by trying to sign away more powers to Europe. In 2001 Tony blair put his sweaty little claws around a biro and signed the “Nice Treaty” . But before this treasonous act could pass relatively unnoticed into un-Law it had to be rattified by the queen and given Royal assent. This could not be allowed to happen anymore. 2000 years of bloodshed to create a common law system, that if ran in an honourable way, would be a example to the rest of the world. But yet all of our PM’s for the as long as its worth remembering habe tried to remove our birth right to soveriegnty.  

This is treason plain and simple and now it is our turn to protect and re-affirm the Law of this land.

To cut a very long story a little shorter, a qurom of 65 members of the house of lords, headed by lord Ashbourne sent a petition to the Queen on behalf of the people, pleading with her not to give her royal assent to the Treaty (royal ascent has not been with held since 1907)

After the queens secretary replied in a very unsatisfactory way to the petition the barons were left with no option but to invoke an ancient clause in our constitution. A clause that is our last lawful way to prevent the removal of these pillars of Law by corrupt entities.

Now if any sheeple have bothered to read this far I’ll advise you to hold on to your Mcnuggets because things are about to get real…

The rebellion has started and it most definitetly wasnt televised (It was however reported on page 14 of the Telegraph back in 2001 by Caroline Davies).

Article 61 we love you!!

This is a clause in the Magna Carta1215 that lawfully allows the citizens to revolt against a corrupted government. I myself have Sworn my Oath to the barons and have taken up Lawful Rebellion. I now have lawful right to distress the Crown and any of its agents. All I have to do is obey the common laws of our land. I do not recognise the courts or any of the European justice system that has been forced upon me. I withhold all taxes claimed from me by the Crown and any of its agents and I feel enpowered by doing this. But I have a problem….. Im not in this for the fun nor am I in this to get out of paying my way.

Im sick of the murders that are commited in my name.

Im sick of seeing our public services intentionally ran in to ruins.

Im sick of child abusers being sheltered by our government

Im sick of our consumer society

Im sick of the dishonour amongst people.







Deutoronomy 17:14                                       “No man shall you put over me who is not my brother” (this is a law in the bible that the queen puts her hand on. She then swears an oath to the people to uphold these Laws) 

By Dan.





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